• SamwiseFilmore
    SamwiseFilmore closed this thread because:
    Addressed on Known Bugs. Also O.K.ed by thread author.
    22:48, January 31, 2015

    The Known bugs page mentions the following bugs (the same ones, by the way?):

    • Command menu for Hired Units not appearing.
    • Self-set up server, hired unit command menu does not show.

    In my case, the command menu is fine for hired farming units, but i think incomplete for hired fighting units:

    Hired unit command menu

    Peculiarly, i don't see any option to set the unit to guard status (and i have alignment above the level requested).

    (only tested on a Cauldron server)

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    • Does this happen for all units, or just Olog Hai? Depending on farther info, this may be a bug.

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    • Yes, for all units hirable through a Mordor Orc Chieftain.

      I can't say for other Unit Trader NPCs.

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    • Feel free to put it on known bugs then, however, make sure you include enough detail. Also, may I close this thread?

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    • Yes, i have nothing more to add.

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