• Hi.

    I noticed, that you imported the crafting recipes for armour and other stuff on the material pages. For example on Mithril Ingot or Bone.

    In my eyes, it's practical there, but it's also wrong. Let me explain why:

    We have got extra pages for that. The Mod is still in development. Recipes and stats change quite often. When we have the same information on several pages, we have to change it everywhere. People tend to forget. I find a lot of contradicting information caused by this.

    So, we should keep it like that: Information, we've got on a separate page, stays there and should not be repeated on other pages. Information that belongs to the item should be on the item page and only there.

    For mithril ingots, there should be the crafting recipes for nuggets and blocks on the ingot page, but not for brewing dwarven tonic, trimming dwarven armour, hobbit pipes and mithril armour, only the links. If people are interrested in that, they can follow the links and see the details there. If one of the recipes changes, this saves a lot of work and also keeps the ingot page slim.

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