• So I finished the mod's Finnish translation a few days ago and you mentioned that I could post it here, so here it its. My name is Henrik Åkerberg and Minecraft username henrikki2000.

    And if Mevans agrees to give multiple shields, my friend emsknock (in minecraft; their real name for the credits is Nooa Koskinen) should get credit too for enabling me to do this project at all.

    Here is the link (file hosted in github for ease of access):

    And finally, I'd like to know if you have something to tell about updating the translation -can I post them here too?

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    • I forwarded this to the mod team.

      About your question: I should have just told you to post this on Mevan's message wall instead of mine but I didn't think of that :P So any updates you do should probably just be posted on his wall:

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    • Okay, Thank you very much:D

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    • Thank you very much!

      The mod has a built-in feature to help with updating translations. If you download a new update of the mod, with the Finnish translation file included, the mod will compare it against the new en_US.lang and output a copy of the Finnish file in the .mods folder with all the new translation lines included, in the correct ordering, so you don't have to search the en_US file for new translation lines to include. IMPORTANT: that copy folder is recreated every time you start the mod, so if you edit the file, make sure to copy it somewhere else!

      Also, the best way to let me know of translations is to send it to the Facebook page.

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    • And one more thing. Would you like to be credited by your usernames, or real world names?

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    • Thanks for advice! My friend would like to be credited by their Minecraft name (emsknock), and I'd like to use my real name (Henrik Åkerberg). Did I understand correctly from both getting their names to the credits that you'll grant us both the Lambengolmo-shields? 

      And once more, thanks for an awesome and surprisingly Tolkien-accurate mod! :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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