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    11:50, May 18, 2017

    If this has already been posted,i apologise for not looking properly...

    Personally, i think the harad mountains should be colonized byTauredain, or a new faction that is allied with them... Allies could include the Cerinrim. "The vicious Cerinrim roam the bushlands of Far Harad. Early in their history they resembled the Moredain in many ways. It changed when a powerful cult seized control over several tribes and declared war on the others. The cultists conquered the bushlands and soon all of the Cerinrim worshiped the war god. The Cerinrim began to raid the Moredain, and war became a way of life. They became brutal and savage warriors whose prisoners were ritually sacrificed to the war god. The greatest honor a Cerinrim warrior could have is to sacrifice a Half-Troll to the war god. They have declared Sauron a false god and wage war on his followers."

    These would be good allies, to the south, and in the mountains.

    Also, don't take this seriously; it is my opinion, it's what i'd like in the game, but i realise it won't (most likely) be added

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