• I think it may have been an overlooked aspect that the NPC spawns in the Rhúdel Hills aren't set. The area is of greater value to the faction than the steppe, yet, the steppe is patrolled by regular troops and the hills are left bare and free for any enemy to set up mines. Note that Dalish forces find reason to attack their enemies in the Rhúdel Hills, while those who are supposed to rule the place don't even bother to show up on a regular basis, let alone launch a defensive raid when their enemies appear.

    So, the proposal is to add spawns of military units and a few structures to the Rhúdel Hills that are in agreement with the significance of the are to the faction. I propose to add the same spawn occurence as found in the steppe, and in addition to that, also make golden easterlings patrol the hills and also make easterling fortresses and watchtowers spawn there, with a relatively low occurrence chance. Regular civilians escorted by clansmen may also be added, but with lower chances as in their home biome, and in larger groups.

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    • Ssh I need to hills to attack them

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    • Right. So. That's why.

      Thanks for supporting the motive.

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    • Yep, tbh there was a good chance for you to delete it... Wait...

      Anyway it make some sort of sense, as normally hills are a sort of wall, but just a lot less than the steppa

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    • I don't think you get the point. This is about the fact that the hills don't have any NPCs atm, while they are rich in gold, one of the most valued resources by the Easterlings of the Rhudel.

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    • I get the point, you want to add npcs there to guard it, but I didn't know about the gold

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