• Our dear Sam Gamgee built up the courage to write a letter to his love, Rosie Cotton. Of course, the poor hobbit never delivered the thing, but hey, it's the thought that counts! (Sort of.)

    This is my first time doing a Lore Text poem, so ideas/improvements would be appreciated. I want this to be pretty much as sappy as possible, to where Sam can't go through with sending it.

    #title:To Miss Rosie Cotton
    #author:Samwise Gamgee
    Oh dear Rose, child of the Shire,
    You set this hobbit's heart on fire.
    Like fireflies my feelings shine,
    For one I hope someday'll be mine.
    Oh dear Rose, maiden so sweet,
    You are what makes my life complete.
    From sunny days to Astron showers, 
    More fragrant than the sweetest flowers. 
    Oh dear Rose, when you dance,
    The world is put in awestruck trance.
    A girl of wonder, that's Miss Rose.
    The best that this ol' hobbit knows.
    With love, Samwise Gamgee
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