• Application for Barágon (Revised Edited, and Updated.)

    Get ready for a long history. Before further delay let us enter the Story of Barágon.


    Childhood Barágon was born in 378 FA in the small village of Davalon in Dor-Lómin. His father Bharin, came from the land of Ladros and the House of Beor, his father was tall with grey eyes, black hair, and pale skin. While his mother Nedrel was native to Dor-Lómin and had blonde hair, blue eyes, and tanner skin than her husbands. When Barágon was 4 his parents moved away from Dor-Lómin to ensure Barágon's childhood was a safe one away from the troubles of war. They soon settled in a small village in Brethil. Barágon stood out among them with darkish brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Since he was born he had a fiery spirit and once his mind was set to something he would never give up. Hence why his parents named him Fiery Valour when he was young. His childhood in this village was a normal one but he was very lonely. He would often spend time sitting alone in the forest thinking, running, or swimming in a lake. In 385 FA Bharin and Nedrel took a trip to visit Dor-Lómin and their kin. They left Barágon in the care of one of their servants Ondo. When Nedrel left she was pregnant with Barágon's sibling. A few weeks later when Barágon had just turned 7 he was sitting in his house at dusk when loud ominous horns rang through the lands. Barágon was scared as he had hear stories of evil orcs who slaughtered for fun, and he thought about his parents on their trip and if they were safe. Ondo stumbled into the house and collapsed with a spear in his back while gurgling through a bloody mouth. "Run." Before Ondo said before dying. Barágon ran out of the back door of the house and was grabbed by an ugly Orc. He never found saw his parents again nor knew there fate or the fate of his unborn sibling. Barágon was dragged away and placed in shackles connecting his feet together and then to handcuffs on his wrists. The chains were thick and heavy and it took all his strength too lift them and walk. He was chained to 19 other people as they were forced to march eastward by the mountains and north of Doriath to escape. Those who couldn't walk were slaughtered and eaten like animals. The Orc leader was named Wynthak and he was cruel as could be. One night he purposely whipped Barágon over and over for fun. "By by the end of my life I will slay thy foul Orc! It is your fate!" Barágon said in a whimpering voice as he was whipped. It was an empty threat but it made him feel better. "Hah a welp like you? Like you could ever do that, it would have to be pretty well played scum! Wynthrak cackled. 4 long weeks he walked and got only a small bit of water and a piece of rotting bread a week the entire time. One night as they were sneaking through the vale of Sirion in the thick fog. Barágon was at the front of the line an arrow came whistling out of the fog and hit the front Orc in the throat. The orcs took defensive positions as more arrows came out of the woods and elves clad in silver rushed out and battled the orcs. The orcs were pushing the prisoners face down on the ground and he laid down without any pushing to avoid the brutality. He then heard an Orc yell "Get rid of the slaves!" And screams were heard at the end of the line. Growing closer and closer Barágon began to cry into his arms on the ground until he heard a scream next to him. Then behind him Wynthrak raised his rusty jagged bloody unclean sword and swung at Barágon. Before the blow could cut him in half an elf pushed Wynthrak back. Instead the sword sliced Barágon open from left shoulder to right hip in a jaggedish line. Wynthrak then fled into the fog and escaped. Barágon screamed in pain and cried for what felt like hours. Then before he blacked out he heard voices in an elvish tongue speaking over him and the shackles came off as he was lifted off the ground. After he passed out the elves had seen the terrible wound on the only survivors back. They spent half an hour bandaging the wound with what remained of Barágon's shirt ragged shirt. Picking him up after the bleeding stopped the carried him to their horses and rode westward through the Ered Wethrin to the Halls of Mithrim where Fingolfin lived. During this time Barágon had grown feverish and sick in his unconsciousness. They rushed him into a house of healing where they began to treat the wound for the rest of the night. Barágon barely survived but would carry the scar for the rest of his life. In addition to this large scar he would carry to marks on his wrists where his skin was rubbed raw and scarred, he also carried several whip marks on his arms,and on the back of his neck a brand of the symbol Angband telling all that he is there property. In the morning Fingolfin had a council to see what would be done with the child. Half the council voted to send him away as he was not there problem, the other half by one vote decided that he would stay and be raised by the Captain of the guard who rescued Barágon, Angnir who lived alone outside of the Halls of Mithrim. Barágon was taken by several elf guards to Angnirs house to meet him. Barágon sat on a log across from Angnir behind the house and they did not speak for nearly an hour. "You need not be afraid of me Barágon." Angnir said after a while. "Why are you so quiet?" "I don't want a replacement for my family." Barágon said as tears started welling up. Angnir came over and sat next to Barágon. "I'm not trying to replace your family Barágon." Angnir said as he put a comforting hand on Barágon's back being sure not to touch the sensitive scar. "I am just trying to be the loving person everyone needs in there lives." Barágon started to cry and he hugged Angnir. Angnir patted Barágon on his back.

    Life in Hithlum For many years Angnir raised Barágon as he had raised his little brother who perished on the Helcaraxe. Over the years Barágon grew tall and fair and his brown hair grew out. He loved Angnir as a father figure and a friend. When Barágon was 10 Angnir taught him how to shoot a bow and gifted him with one that was traded to him by a Tol Eressean elf when he lived in Aman. Angnir taught him Sindarin and Quenya which Barágon started to speak better than his own language. He was also taught to write in Tengwar. Soon he knew everything that a young elf would learn and he became very intelligent. Barágon also had daily lessons of archery, swordsmanship, woodcarving, and horse riding with Angnir. Barágon soon became the best archer Angnir had ever seen outside of the elves. But spending more and more time among the elves Barágon began to realize that despite how he was raised he wasn't one. When he was 13 he was given a cloak with a silver star on the front as a gift although it was too large for him at the time. After a while Barágon withdrew from going into town to play with the other children and withdrew to the forests near Angnirs house. After eavesdropping on Barágon alone in the woods noticed that he anger was festering inside of him towards Wynthrak and orcs in general. Later Angnir realized that Barágon had plans to leave Hithlum to seek revenge. Angnir consulted with Fingolfin on what should be done to keep Barágon occupied and away from his own malicious thoughts. So Barágon was made an armor bearer for several guards and a passion for fighting filled him. For the next few years Barágon underwent vigorous physical and mental training to hone his skills to make up for his lack of speed and strength of the elves. Barágon was worked to his limits but he enjoyed the training as he knew someday it would help him take his vengeance on the orcs who took his family from him. So Angnir had up until then kept any real weapons from Barágon other than the bow for hunting. One day when Barágon was in the woods he was about to head home as dusk was falling when he heard rustling in the bushes. So he drew his bow and prepared to shoot if the source of the rustling was evil. Then an elf who was obviously a Noldor emerged from the woods bleeding and half dead. Barágon dropped his bow and ran over to help the elf as he collapsed into his arms. "I can get you help, come on try to lean on me. I am Barágon."Barágon said putting the elfs arm over his shoulders, wincing as the arm touched the top of his scar sending a shock of pain that he was used to now down his spine. "No, no, it is too late for me, I am almost gone. Soon I will be among my kin in the halls of Mandos." The elf responded and then stared at the side of Barágon's head. During this time Barágon's hair had brushed aside revealing his rounded human ears. "Your not an elf." The Noldor said then coughed up blood. "My time is coming to an end here, take my sword please." The Noldor then unbuckled his sheathed sword and handed it to Barágon. "May you slay many orcs with my blade Cristil." The elf said as he fell on the ground. "I promise you I will honor your blade." Barágon said. "Farewell my friend, now I pass from this world and my family in my beloved Gondolin." He said as he died. Barágon closed the elfs eyes and soon after Angnir came running up he saw the dead elf and then the sword now clutched in Barágon's grasp. Soon the elf was buried and Angnir permitted Barágon to use the fallen elves sword. But its grip, size, and the sword in general did not fit Barágon and he could not wield it effectively. So he put it on the wall in his room and it grew dust. Angnir saw the disappointment in Barágon for not being able to wield the sword so when Barágon's 16th birthday approached Angnir took the sword and gave it to the smiths of the city to be reforged for Barágon. After several days of forging the sword the smiths informed Angnir that it was finished and that all he had to do was come in and name the sword so runes could be placed on it. So Angnir had Barágon come into the city blindfolded and led him into the smithy. When Barágon was told to remove the piece of cloth he looked upon the sword before he embraced his old friend. When told that it was his choice of what to name the sword Barágon named it Meithel which meant Misery. He joined the ranks of the soldiers in the city as he was now old enough and became friends with several of the other soldiers including an elf named Eldir. Soon he was seen even less when not with the other soldiers as he spent days on end training away from all the other inhabitants of the Halls of Mithrim. Rumors started to spread among the elves who distrusted men that he was a spy informing orcs in the land the happenings inside Hithlum. Even though they knew that it was highly unlikely orcs got that far into the Hithlum. One evening when Angnir was in the city he heard an elf named Arul start calling Barágon many insulting things and said he should be cast from a cliff. Angnir turned and argued with Arul about Barágon until Arul stormed away. The next day Arul stood with his close kin and friends in the middle of the square and gave a speech condemning Barágon and calling him a warmonger. Barágon who was garbed in his cloak and armor that night and had returned from the woods. He had come into the Halls of Mithrim looking for Angnir and found an angry crowd yelling and following him. Aruls mob threatened him with death and told him to leave these lands and never return. Aruls following grew so great that not even Fingolfin could silence it. The only ones who stood beside Barágon were Angnir and Eldir. Although the latter could not do much as he was soon reassigned to Barad Eithel for his skill. One day a few months after the riots against Barágon started Angnir was deployed for the first time since he adopted Barágon. During a skirmish in the mountains Angnir was badly wounded and carried back to the halls of Mithrim by his companions. When they arrived he was immediately taken to a house of healing where Barágon who was in tears at seeing his friend wounded was waiting. "My time here is near an end Barágon." Angnir struggled to say. "Please, please don't leave me." Barágon said in tears. "I will never leave you Barágon, I will always be with you no matter what." Angnir said with a smile on his face. "I want you to take my blessing." Barágon struggled in tears as Angnir gave him his blessing. "I pass now to the halls of my kin. I have always loved you Barágon since the moment I rescued you all those years ago. Farewell now." Angnir said before he closed his eyes and stopped breathing. Barágon was left sobbing for several hours over his friends body before yelling was at the door. Barágon looked through a window to see Aruls crowd banging on the door. Then a loud thud came from the back of the house and then Arul was standing in the room taunting and yelling at him. "Your the reason Angnir died you filthy ragged begging dog man!" Arul yelled at him. Barágon couldn't take it anymore, the rage that was building in him since Aruls riots started and now the fresh sadness of his mentors death. Those 2 combined completely enraged him. He drew his sword and leapt at Arul and killed him.

    But in his rage Barágon wouldn't stop at just the stab and so he began to slash and hack repeatedly at the corpse as he mourned over Angnirs death. When he got up the body of the elf was so bloody and mutilated it was barely recognizable as an elf. Barágon then looked at himself and at his sword which were covered in blood. 

    On the Run Realizing that he would be put on trial and executed for murder Barágon fled Hithlum southeastward through the land until he arrived in the mountains. But in his sorrow he didn't keep track of where he was going and wandered in circles on the wilderness for days. His appearance was so terrible that orcs and other foul creatures kept away from him. Finally he snapped out of his trance like state of madness and wandered down to the River Sirion where he bathed to get the dried blood off himself and his sword. Then after drying himself off he sat on a rock on the river and wept again for all the ill fortune that had taken his father, his mother, his friend, and now his only home. He put his cloak on and began to seek death. So he went eastward until he reached Ered Gorgoroth the mountains of terror in hopes that there would be a creature that could best him and end him. But every time something came for him he always defended himself (as he wanted to die in honor instead of letting something kill him) he would always beat it. So he came down from the mountains and began to wander Beleriand. He would slay every last Orc he could find and when he needed something he would rob travelers out of desperation. But he only took what he needed and left the rest for the travelers and many cursed him with the name Guarwaith meaning outlaw. Soon he came across the land of Brethil and his old village. He found his home with nobody inside and everything looked as though the inhabitants recently got up and left without anything. He was confused as he left the house and heard screams from the village down the hill.

    A Wanderer He arrived to find an Orc band looting the village. Among it a Troll bred by Morgoth to not turn to stone. They rounded up the villagers and put them into the main building and locked them in. When he arrived the troll turned around and lifted its hammer. A tall single Orc stepped out of the crowd. Barágon recognized the Orc who dragged him away from his parents. The one who escaped the elves who rescued him. "Who are you man scum?" Wynthak growled. "Barágon son of Bharin, I think you will remember that name." Barágon said trying the suppress his anger. A cruel smile spread across Wynthaks face. "The welp I captured in the south all those years ago. He he, you got lucky I didn't finish you off before the elves saved you. I would be glad to finish the job." Wynthak growled. Barágon during this resisted the urge to touch his scar on his back. Angered by this attack on this village Barágon charged the Orcs and battled with all of them and was pushed towards a cliff over a river. He engaged Wynthak briefly in a sword duel and cut off the orcs hand. Wynthak howled. "This isn't over Scum!" Wynthak said as he fled with 4 other orcs and holding his stump. Soon he finished off the last of the orcs and the troll charged him with its hammer. Barágon ducked underneath it and put the troll in between him and the cliff. He then threw himself and Meithel at the troll skewering it in the chest and sending them both flying over the cliff into the river below. When Barágon awoke the next morning he was on the shores of the river. He looked down the river a bit and saw the trolls corpse which had been torn at by wolf and crow. He limped over to it and pulled his sword out of the trolls chest and washed it in the water. He then turned towards the direction of where the village was and saw black smoke rising. He ran back to town to find the charred remains of the village and its people. Barágon cried out to the valar and asked them why they were so cruel and why they were punishing his life with misfortune. He cursed himself for not being quick enough in saving the village. He walked eastward as the last weeks of Autumn began. His Birthday passed and he turned 18. He traveled by night to avoid being irritated by the Feanorians as he crossed their land. After several months Ered Luin rose before him. One morning after eating a small breakfast of beef and bread he heard noises from over the hill. He climbed to the top of a hill he looked down off a cliff into a valley and gasped. Before him lay a wide paved road of the likes of which he had never seen. Bustling with dwarves and elves coming and going down the road. He gathered up his camp and after 3 hours arrived on the road. He stood out like a sore thumb on the road and many gave him odd looks. After a day of traveling he arrived at the gates of Belegost. As soon as he stepped inside several guards who were half his height grabbed him and took his weapons and escorted him into a deep hall. A Dwarf sat on a carved blue and gold throne and scowled at him beneath a thick black beard. "I am Khörgrim, King Khörgrim. Who are you and why have you come here man?" He asked in an interrogative tone. "I am Barágon son of Bharin and I have no heading but wander the land, it is by simple chance that I stand here before you my Lord." He replied. A guard brought Meithel up to the king and the king examined it "Are you also a thief Barágon?" He said his name with disgust. "Because this blade is of the elves which you are not." He growled. "I was raised by the elves of Gondolin and that sword was a gift I received for coming of age." Barágon said. "Unlikely, you are a thief and you will be handed over to the elves and hopefully slain. This sword however, with some reforging will make a fitting weapon for one of my position." The Dwarf said with a smirk. Barágon throughout the chat could hear distant thumping and yells. "Now take him awa-" the Dwarf started before the door to the hall was knocked down and sent flying at them. Barágon dove out of the way as 50 orcs and a massive pale white 2 headed troll enter the room carrying a massive sword. The orcs ran towards them as the snow troll waited behind and the orcs engaged the 40 guards. Barágon avoided being killed and grabbed Meithel and cut his bonds just in time to kill an attacking Orc. Barágon cut through the hordes of orcs like a knife through butter. Finally after being covered in Orc blood Barágon paused and Meithel glittered in the lamplight. Finally a loud shout silenced the room and the fighting on both sides stopped. Wynthak stepped from the crowd. His stubb of a hand now had a long blade protruding from it. "Well well, if it isn't the man scum. I would happily gut you myself but I think my pet here will be happy too fight you. Bob?" Wynthak said. The Snow troll stepped forward glaring straight at Barágon. "You! Man Scum! Fight me!" The troll said in a deep voice coming from his left head. "Or are you too much of a coward to face me the most feared troll in the north! Bob the Terrible!" The right head said in a more high pitched annoying voice. "I'll accept your challenge you pig nosed beast!" Barágon shouted. The 2 troll faces smiled. "Give us room!" He yelled from the right head. The orcs and dwarves moved to make a large circular area in the center of the hall. The he spoke again. "Before we fight, Tell me your name so I can have it carved into your husk when your dead." "Barágon son of Bharin and your death. And you Wynthak you will perish next." Barágon replied. Wynthak smirked. The troll snorted and raised its sword and charged him. Barágon ducked underneath it barely and slashed Bobs right leg as he slid beneath him. Bob roared and while turning brought the sword down on top of Barágon. He was able to get Meithel up quickly and blocked the giant sword even though its size. Barágon scored several more blows on Bob over the next couple minutes and only received a cut on his arm and a few broken ribs. Then with a sneaky blow Bob knocked Meithel from Barágon hands and sent it flying into a chandelier above. Bob swung several more times before he held his ground and Barágon circled him. Then he had an idea. Barágon ran at Bob as the troll raised his arm to knock him away. Barágon dodged the swing and used it to get up to the the chandelier where he grabbed Meithel. He then used the momentum of his fall to use Meithel to cut Bobs right head clean off. The left head screamed in pain as blood started to ooze from the stump where the head once was. The other heads mouth was opening and closing on the ground with a dumbfounded look. Bob then let out several curses before fleeing the room with the orcs. Barágon stood up completely drenched in Orc and troll blood and looked at the dwarves who were staring at him.

    Khörgrim who had not moved stood up and shouted "You think this changes anything thief? It doesn't I as the King demand that y-" 

    "So you think your the king now don't you?" A new voice from the far side of the hall shouted. Barágon looked. A dwarf with a long thick red beard and a golden crown on his head with an axe drenched in Orc blood not much cleaner than the dwarf holding it. "My lord this isn't what you think, you misunderstand." Khörgrim stuttered. "No I think I understand perfectly well General Khörgrim. My advisors were right, giving you more power hasn't quenched your desire to rule this entire city." The Real King said. "Now be silent I will deal with you later." He looked at Bobs severed head and then at Barágon. "Now lad who are you?" "Barágon son of Bharin my lord. I came as a visitor to these halls." He replied "Are you the one who sent them running?" He said. Barágon nodded. "You have done a great service to us, these orcs have been attacking this city for months now. But until Wynthak arrived there wasn't much success. He and that snow troll are a bother. He won't bother us anymore though with that troll losing half his heads. You plan on finishing him?" He asked. "Aye" he said after a moment. "Well then here take this." He said handing Barágon a dwarvish axe which had been in the Kings belt. "you seem ill equipped to chase orcs through dwarf tunnels." "Thank you sir." Barágon said as he put the hatchet next to his sword sheath on his belt. "You are most gracious if ever I can repay you." "That beasts other head severed would be enough. But here take one of my finest dwarf Warriors Nordri with you if he can be of assistance." The King said. A dwarf with a brown and white beard and a hammer stepped forth. "Greetings my friend." He said quickly before they dashed off into the tunnels which Wynthak and his host fled They caught the host quickly in the dark tunnels heading southward and drawing his bow Barágon shot them as he ran. They ran for hours picking off the stragglers of the host and chasing the main body. Finally they stopped to take a breather underneath Nogrod and found several dead dwarves slaughtered by Wynthak, Bob and his orcs. They ran for several days never catching them or losing them. Finally they came out of the tunnel into the outside. It was chilly and dark, snow fell from the sky which was blanketed in thick grey clouds, winter had come.

    Hunter or Hunted? "Looks like there will be no catching them in daylight." Barágon said. They looked across the plains before them. A line of black figures were not a mile away running southward. A great white mass was ahead of them. Too the southeast was a burning village victims of Wynthak. They soon arrived at the remains of the village and only the stables still stood. It reminded him of his home village before he was taken and it was abandoned. They went into the stables and 2 animals still lived. A white stallion with a saddle on its back and a pony. Barágon mounted the horse and Nordri the pony and rode after the pack of orcs. They eventually tracked them through the forests of Ossirand and then they turned eastward. Several green elves wishing to take part in the venture joined Barágon and Nordri as they rode eastward. Soon the arrived on the edges of Taur-Im-Duinath. They went warily inside and after 2 days camped by a massive oak tree in the forest. Barágon was practicing with his sword when he heard several screams of the elves as they were being squeezed to death by the oak tree in a pit in the ground between the roots. Remembering his studies in Doriath he remembered the tales of living trees and how elves of old calmed them. So he sung a song and soon it was as if every plant in the forest was listening to him. The oak finally relaxed and the elves climbed out dazed and tired. A few minutes later a thumping sound came from the forest the sound of a troll walking. "Snow Troll." Barágon said as he drew his sword and looked towards where the sound was coming from. He crouched behind a stump. It grew closer and closer in the thick forest but no sign of a troll. Then Barágon noticed a shifting in the trees and then he was yanked up by a barky hand. Before him stood an Ent who was tall and old looking. "Whoo are you broorah hroom? Wheeeerrrreeeee you the one Whoo was singing?" The Ent asked. "I am Barágon and aye I was singing." Barágon replied as he shifted in the ents grasp. "Iiiiiit was a good song. Mossface some call me and some do not." Treebeard said. "Whhhhhyy have yoooou come to the forest?" "We are tracking a snow troll and orcs." Barágon said. "Trolls? Burners biter usurpers curse them! The mockery of the ents and the foul creatures of Morgoths stone! There was one here 3 days ago, I saw him from a distance he went north with his orcs." Mossface said. "Thank you." Barágon replied. "Are the dwarves I saw with you as well?" Mossface asked. "Dwarves?" Barágon asked. "Yes garbed in armor of blue." The Ent said. It snowed that night and Blanketed the forest in white. The next day Barágon was thinking about what Mossface said. What were dwarves doing in this forest? It is unusual enough that we are in it. As if on cue several screams echoed on the other side of the camp and Barágon stood up and looked. Several elves lay dead and the others with weapons at their throats. A company of 2 dozen dwarves stood there with anger upon all of their faces except for one who stood at the head of the group with a smirk, Khörgrim. "Well well what do we have here? A company of hideous elves, a treacherous dwarf, and a man bearing a stolen sword." Khörgrim said. "What do you want?" Barágon asked with his hand on Meithel. "Hmm, well that sword, some revenge, and your head." Khörgrim told him. An idea went through Barágon's head, "Then come claim it!" He yelled and ran towards the big oak tree. Khörgrim chased him with his mace in hand. Barágon jumped from root to root and then across a snowdrift between 2 roots. Khörgrim could not jump so far so he ran across the roots. Then Khörgrim stepped on the snowdrift and with a yell slid down into the pit. The oak tree moaned and its roots wrapped around Khörgrim. The last Barágon saw of him was a pale face being crushed between the roots and a shriek of terror. The dwarves were now hacking at the oak trying to free their lord. Barágon was going to warn them but was too late as several roots shot out of the ground and skewered the dwarves. Barágon trotted back to the camp to find most of the elves dead or had fled. Only Nordri and 3 other elves remained. "Come, we have their heading, let us hunt some Orc." Barágon said mounting his horse. They rode northward for several days following the trail of the Orc pack. The elves having lost their lust for adventure left them in the plains. After several days they arrived in Estolad.

    Estolad Barágon traveled with his sword on his lap ready for a fight. Soon a man met them on the road with his sword ready. He looked them both over and then spoke. "What business do you have in the land of Estolad? Edelang and Master Dwarf." He said. Barágon knew Sindarin better than his own tongue and knew that Edelang was directed at him meaning elf sword. "We track a party of orcs and a snow troll northward across the plains into Estolad." Barágon answered. "Did the snow troll happen to have 2 heads one of which severed and now a stump?" The man asked. "Aye." Barágon replied. "That would be my doing." "They passed through here 2 days ago and joined up with a large force of orcs that are preparing to assault this land. If you are there enemies then you are my friend. I am Drandir son of Haren. Come with me too Estolgard." He said. They rode off and 2 miles later they reached the city. They were greater by several guards who escorted them into a large city on a hill. In the distance a massive camp was made on another hill. The orcs were near. They rode into the center of town to a large building and dismounted and entered. At the back of the main hall of the building sat an old man with a crown of silver on his head. "Father, I present to you Barágon Edelang and Nordri of the Firebeards." Drandir said. "Edelang is the one who cut off the snow trolls head." "Greetings Edelang. And master dwarf I hope you have come to help us in the coming battle. I am Lord Haren of Estolgard. This is my city." Lord Haren said raising his arms. "Anything we can do to help." Barágon said. "Well we are going to need every last able bodied man to defend our city. Wynthak who I hear you have a history with is one of the captains leading the attacks as far as we can tell. These Orc bands are joining together to raid this city for its wealth." Lord Haren said. Later that day the gates were shut and braced, a watch placed upon the walls and the siege began. The only gate into the city was located in between 2 rocky Spurs of the hill funneling the enemy forces too the gate. Before the gate was a causeway leading up from the road to the gate with a sheer drop into a pool beneath. Catapults began to launch rocks over the walls and a force charged towards the gate. Barágon was on the wall with his sword out, he was in command of the archers near the gate. Nordri stood next to him. "What's happening out their?!" Nordri asked. "Would you like me to find you a stool?" Barágon replied with a smile as Nordri chuckled. The force of orcs carried a battering ram and they got within 20 feet of the gate. With one yell the force holding the battering ram dropped dead before they even reached the gate. The archers then began to fire at the orcs nearest to the walls in the massive sea of orcs between the rocky hills. They tried to use the battering ram 4 more times without avail before giving up. Then several ladders were launched up and came towards the walls in sync. "Draw swords!" Barágon yelled as the sound of drawing sheaths echoed over the wall. The ladders landed on the walls with a clink and an Orc with a large battle axe jumped at him. Barágon thrust Meithel and stabbed the Orc in between the legs and kicked the body back over the ladder. The other warriors were all engaged in fighting across the wall as the orcs scrambled up the ladders. "Kick off the ladders!" Barágon yelled as several men pushed the ladders backward and they landed with a squish on the orcs below. Barágon looked down to see the battering ram charging towards the gate again. "Shoot them! Shoot them!" He said as he drew his own bow. Only a couple other archers could draw their bows before the battering ram hit the gate with a loud thud. Orcs stormed up the causeway filling the space behind the ram and ready to take up the positions on the ram. A scream rang out next to Barágon as he turned to see a black arrow in the throat of one of the archers before the body fell off the wall. It was chaos, the constant sound of the orcs storming over the wall, the whistling of the Orc arrows, the sound of the rocks crushing houses and people as they were catapulted over the wall, and the dull thud of the battering ram below. Then Drandir ran up the stairs right to him. "The Gate is almost broken! I need you to buy us some time!" Drandir shouted. "How long do you need?" Barágon shouted over the turmoil. "As long as you can give us!" Drandir shouted. Barágon turned and with 3 men jumped on to a ladder and pushed it down on to the causeway. They stood in the middle of the causeway slaying the orcs as they charged and stopped the battering of the gate. Then a great mass emerged from the orcs. A giant Snow troll with iron plated armor with a stump where its second head once stood. On his remaining head was a helm of iron. A sword was in his hand. The troll raised his sword as he roared and charged Barágon. It was Bob. They dueled for a bit but Barágon was already tired from the tiresome battle before. Soon he was almost backed against the gate. An arrow shot down from the wall and hit the troll in the eye. Barágon then stabbed the troll in the chest. Bob roared and collapsed and a rope came down from the wall. Drandirs head was looking over the wall. Barágon grabbed the rope and he was pulled up and over the wall. He looked down to see the other warriors he brought with him on the causeway were dead. "We need you on the ground to command the soldiers behind the gate to hold the orcs back." Drandir said half out of breath. "Aye" Barágon said and ran down the stairs and stood among the archers and pikemen ready behind the gate. The gate shook a little as it was struck with a battering ram. The chanting of the orcs outside grew ever louder. "Steady steady, stand your ground." Barágon said as several of the soldiers stepped back. Then the gates swung open and the host of the orcs charged into the pikemen. Several trolls were making there way through ranks. "VOLLEY!" Barágon yelled as the archers sent arrows into the crowds of orcs and the trolls. Then several wargs came running through the orcs and started mauling some of the pikemen. After several moments of heated battle the lines were broken and he and the guards retreated back along the sloped main road and gained the high ground. The orcs took the wall and Barágon saw Drandir and Nordri running through a backstreet to join the main force defending the city. Barágon with Drandir on one side and Nordri on the other charged into the battle. Soon they were pushed back to the great hall and were trapped inside with the rest of the men of the city. The city was almost lost. A spark kindled in Barágon. Then he stood up on a table. "Any man who is willing to give his last, follow me!" He said to the whole room. Nobody answered. Barágon walked over to the gate ready to charge out alone. "I am with you laddie." Nordri said raising his axe as he stepped next to him. "As am I." Drandir said drawing his sword and walking over to them. Then a chain of "Aye's" and "I am with you's" echoed across the room. The entire army was with them. They gathered at the gate and they burst forth from it and charged into the city. Wynthak fled the city on a black warg with his Orc pack.

    The Return Within the hour they had recaptured Estolgard. Barágon was given a dagger of elven make as a gift. After a party Barágon prepared to depart with Nordri to head west where Wynthak was reported to have fled. Drandir met them at the gate on a brown horse and a pack. "I am coming with you, there is no use in trying to convince me otherwise." He said. "Very well." Barágon said. They rode across Beleriand hunting orcs and following leads on Wynthak, they traveled for many months and saw many sights across Beleriand. Soon they arrived in the southern forests of Doriath He stared at where he knew the road to Menegroth lay as they passed through the land at dawn. "Whats wrong at laddie?" Nordri asked. "Yes you seem to have been distracted ever since we entered the forest." Drandir added. Barágon didn't like to deceive his friend who he had gone close to over the months but he could not tell them of his past in Doriath. "Nothing. Just memories." Barágon said dismissively. "Well you might as well tell us-" Drandir began before being cut off as several dozen orcs on wargs led by Wynthak dashed across the clearing towards where the road was. "After them!" Barágon said spurring his horse and riding after the Orcs. Drandir and Nordri followed him. They arrived to see the orcs arrive at a tunnel in the road lay thinking it would be shelter from the sun. 20 seconds later they all were rushing out and then fled into the north. Several elves were staring straight at them after they exited the cave to see if the orcs were gone. The elf spoke several quick words in Sindarin while he and his companions raised there bows. Barágon stiffened as he heard them. "Dismount your horses and follow us now. Or you will be killed." He repeated in a language that Drandir and Nordri could understand. They dismounted and followed them through the tunnel and on the road for several hours before arriving in Menegroth. Drandir and Nordri were put into a small cavern under guard and Barágon was taken to a prison cell and his gear confiscated. The next day he was escorted around the main caverns by an elf captain who he had befriended when he was part of the guard of Menegroth, Eldir. "A very interesting tale indeed." Eldir said stiffly after Barágon told him of the events of the last 2 years. "Aye, far more interesting to live through, and almost die in." Barágon said stiffly. A few moments of silence passed as they walked. "Look Eldir I know what you must think of me for murdering Arul but I-" Barágon began. "Barágon, I don't blame you. Arul murdered Angnir who was like a father to you and you took revenge. Blood for Blood. You don't need to apologize." Interrupted Eldir. Then he added. "I would be worried about Orömer." "Orömer?" Barágon questioned. "He is Aruls brother, he has accused you of the murder of Arul and Angnir." Eldir answered. "What!? But Arul was the one who murdered Angnir not me!" Barágon growled. "I know, few believe you murdered Angnir, but Orömer has convinced enough of the elves who hate the edain that you did it when he was weak." Eldir said as he put a hand on Barágon's shoulder. Barágon took a deep breath but was still overwhelmed with anger. "I wish you luck in your trial tomorrow, but beware Orömer is dangerous, he will stop at nothing to see you cast from the walls. I will try to find someone who will help defend you but few are brave enough to stand against Orömer." Eldir said. "Good luck Mellon." Eldir added as he put Barágon in the cell. The next day Barágon sat in a chair in the middle of a room. On the wall in front of him sat the nobles of Mithrim. Above them all on a throne sat King Fingolfin. Behind Barágon sat a crowd of elves gathered. To his right sat Orömer, he was pale with grey eyes and grey black hair. He glared at Barágon with ruthless hate. To his left sat Eldir who could find nobody to defend Barágon so now he would defend Barágon. The sound of the crowd talking was very loud. Thingol raised a single hand and the room went silent. "Orömer you may speak your accusations now." Thingol said. Orömer glared at Barágon and then stood up and spoke. "12 years ago in these very lands our soldiers attacked a pack of Orc slavers. Among the slaves was a young boy who was injured in the fight. Our soldiers brought him back to be healed out of duty." A murmur went up from the crowd in agreement. Then Orömer spoke again. "That was a mistake. Oh sure it helped the consciences of our brave soldiers, but it brought an outsider into our midst! A savage man! With his hair in odd places and his shortened life! Some of you may think of an injured young boy and why not pity him? Why? Because it is in there nature to die! And to cause the savage deaths of those around them! The trouble of the world will come and go but here in this kingdom we will endure and be immortal." Orömer said. "Here before you stands the boy!" He pointed and Barágon and glared. "A murderer! A kinslayer!! A no good savage with a bloodlust!!!" Orömer yelled. "He murdered my brother Arul!" Barágon sat gaping on horror after hearing Orömer spin his web of lies. Many other elves sat gaping at Orömer and many looked sympathetic to him. "And he! He must die for it!" Orömer yelled. A loud applause followed his words. "Orömer you may take a seat, Eldir you may present your defense." Fingolfin said. Eldir rose next to him and then stood before the room. "Orömer speaks a true story." Eldir began. "But twisted with his own hate and lies." Orömer gave a look of disgust at Eldir. "12 years ago in these fair mountains our noble soldiers were protecting our lands and stumbled upon Orc slavers. They killed the orcs and found only one prisoner alive. A young boy with a fresh bloody and infected cut along his entire back. Our warriors DID do their duty and brought the boy back to be healed." Eldir paused and glared at Orömer. "THAT was not a mistake. It saved the life of an innocent boy, outsider or not. Perhaps we are the true savages if we are willing to let innocent lives perish merely because they are of a different birth than us. Perhaps, perhaps if we did not continue too look at how we are different we can look at the things we have in common. The same clouds, the same sky, the same earth." Eldir paused to let what he said sink in. "Barágon did not murder Angnir nor Arul. Angnir was murdered by Arul in a drunken rage. After finding this out Barágon slew Arul as vengeance for killing his mentor. Blood for Blood." Eldir finished. An even bigger applause than Orömer's filled the hall. Orömer stood. "You would betray your own kind Eldir? You would favor the second born? Then you have lived long enough how about you die now!" Orömer said drawing his spear. "ENOUGH!" Thingol said as his voice boomed throughout the hall. Then he continued in a calmer voice. "Orömer you know well enough the laws of the trial. Now be seated or I will hew your legs out from beneath you and make you sit." Orömer was a pale as the moon. Then he sat. "Any other comments?" Thingol asked. "Very well, then I have made my decision, "Barágon son of Bharin foster son of Angnir. I hereby pardon you of the murder of Arul." A cheer went up from the crowd and Orömer's face went from white to red in a second. "But my Lord he has murd-" Orömer began. "Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth Orömer, I have made my decision." Thingol said. The crowd began to disperse and talk and Eldir was called up to speak with Thingol. "Barágon!" A familiar voice rang out of the crowd. Nordri and Drandir came pushing through the crowd out to meet him. Nordri embraced him with a hug. "You are the luckiest man I have ever met. Now we must get out of here. The food is offal." Nordri said. "He doesn't stop complaining about the lack of meat." Drandir said then looked at Barágon's clothing which was ragged and filthy from being locked up. "You look terrible." He stated. Barágon smiled. "Well I hope he can settle for no meat for one more night." Eldir said after finishing his conversation with Thingol. "Tonight is the Midwinters feast, and you 3 are invited. And tomorrow I and 30 Elves will accompany you to hunt down Wynthrak, our scouts report he is staying in the mountains not far from where you were rescued Barágon." Barágon was happy to hear this news. He was welcomed back into Doriath and soon vengeance on Wynthrak would be his. That night they sat near the head of a large table in a cavern, one of many. Meat had been brought in just to silence Nordri and they ate the food and it was a merry night. Then a show was prepared and Thingols table was moved to a raised platform for a better view. During the middle of the show Barágon needed to relieve himself. Eldir got up to go with him as some elves still hated Barágon and he was required to take a guard wherever he went. He was heading down the stairs when he dropped his dagger which he kept hidden in his belt and he stopped and picked it up. Eldir passed him on the stairs and came to the bottom. A loud whoosh whistled through the air and a thud as an arrow embedded itself in the center of Eldirs chest. "ELDIR!!" Barágon yelled as he caught the elfs body before it hit the ground. But it was too late, Eldir was dead. Barágon closed Eldirs eyelids and rested the body on the ground. Then 2 guards approached him dragging the shooter and threw him on the ground in front of Barágon. It was Orömer. Almost unable to contain his anger Barágon drew Meithel. "WAIT! Do not touch him!" Thingol yelled as he approached. "Do not stain your hand with his blood." "What shall be done with him my Lord?" One of the guards asked. "We shall punish him as he wished to punish Barágon. Cast him from the cliffs here inside Menegroth into the waters running below." They all looked away as Orömer was cast screaming in terror from the cliff to his death. Later Thingol approached Barágon, behind him were 2 elves carrying boxes. "Barágon these are for you." Thingol said opening the boxes. Inside lay a full set of silver armor and blue elvish armor. It was definitely Noldorin armor but the helm was different instead of the fin most Noldorin helms had 2 wings made of swan feathers protruded from the side. "Angnir wanted you to have these when you were old enough. They were forged along with when your sword was reforged" Thingol said. "Thank you my lord." Barágon said taking the boxes. Thingol smiled and nodded and then with his guards turned and disappeared into the crowd.

    The Last Hunt The next morning Barágon Drandir and Nordri sat at the gate. Barágon garbed in his new armor with his cloak over it. The rest of his old gear in his bag for later. 30 elves were with them. They left the halls of Mithrim and traveled southeastward through the Hithlum. A few hours later they arrived at the mountains above the Sirion. They traveled through the mtns and later they came upon the river valley where Wynthrak and his orcs were camped. Then a drop of water fell from the heavens. Then another, then the storm rolled in and the rain clouds blocked out the sun. They rode down the slope and too the river bank opposite from Wynthrak's camp. Then they charged out and the elves fired over the river into the camp. Within moments the orcs were returning fire and running down the side of the river. "After them!" Barágon shouted in Sindarin. They ran on the opposite side of the river from each other firing arrows and running. Wynthrak was at their lead with his sword out. They approached a waterfall and cliffs as the companies kept firing at each other. Then lightning struck a large long pine tree near Barágon and the tree burst into flames and fell over crossing the river. It's top landed right in front of Wynthrak. Wynthrak shot him a glance and then climbed on to the tree and walked across it and stopped in the middle of the river his sword drawn and a spear on his back staring at Barágon. Barágon climbed on the tree and walked over the river. There they stood amongst the rain and sleet, on a burning tree over a raging waterfall not a mile from where Wynthrak had given him his scar and where it all started. "So it is here that this shall be decided." Barágon said as lightning flashed and the spray of the river splashed him. "So it will be." Said Wynthrak as sleet and rain clinked upon his armor and the fires roared. Barágon thrust Meithel at Wynthrak with such speed one would think him an elf. Wynthrak blocked the thrust. And swung his own sword at Barágon's head. Barágon ducked and stabbed at Wynthrak. Lightning struck over and over and thunder rolled across the sky. The wind smelled of blood and forest was on fire. They dueled for what felt like hours neither able to get the upper hand. Then Wynthrak knocked Barágon back for a second. Then during a flash of lightning in the dark night sky Barágon heard a cry and saw a quick glimpse as Drandir collapsed into the river with a spear in his chest. Then his body rushed underneath them and off the waterfall. Barágon looked up to see Wynthrak's pointed teeth in a smile, on his back his spear was gone. Barágon stood and slashed at Wynthrak repeatedly and scored some cuts on the orc. Then lightning struck again and the thunder startled Wynthrak and sent him falling off the tree. He caught the branches and was trying to scramble back up. Barágon turned to see where the lightning struck to see a flaming tree collapse on Nordri as he yelled out. None still stood of the elves or orcs except he and Wynthrak. Then the duel was on again. "Your friends are dead! Your company slain! You have nothing left to fight for!" Wynthrak yelled over the chaos. "There is always something to fight for!" Barágon yelled back. They dueled for more time. "It is time this story ends for you man! It has gone on long enough!" Wynthrak yelled and slashed at Barágon. Barágon blocked the blow but got kicked in the gut by Wynthrak and fell over on his knees with his back to Wynthrak. His sword was lodged in the log 2 feet in front of him. "What was it you said to me all those years ago? By the end of my life I will slay thy foul Orc. It is your fate? Hehe looks like you were wrong. This is your fate!" Wynthrak yelled as he swung his sword at Barágon's neck. Barágon ducked under the sword and leaned back and brought Meithel above him up into Wynthrak's chest. The orcs eyes widened as he felt the elvish steel pierce him. His face dimly lit by the glow of Meithel. "I am the master of my own fate." Barágon said as he stared up into Wynthrak's wide eyes 2 inches from his face. The glow of Meithel disappeared. "Not......possible...." Wynthak moaned before he slid off of Meithel and fell sideways off the log into the roaring waters below. Barágon put Meithel in its sheath. Then the log shook. The lodging and dislodging of Meithel in the tree destabilized it and it cracked and fell into the water and off the waterfall into the mists below. As Barágon fell into the waters he saw all the chaos around him, the night burning, blood in the breeze, the rain falling, the thunder in the sky, and his friends dead then he closed his eyes. After all these years he did it. But at what price?

    (P.S Yes Barágon survived he is not dead, just wanted to clear that up.)

    Physical Description Barágon was very tall about 6.4 feet and had long curly brown hair. His eyes were blue and his skin was tan. He was physically strong and fast. He was better with a bow than with a blade and faired better against Orc warriors than others. He had a long scar stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip.

    Personal Description Barágon was very smart as he was educated by the elves of Doriath. He was generally good humored and cared for others. But when he was stressed or things were happening he tended to become careless and stubborn. But no matter what he was always smart and wise beneath all of the stubbornness.

    What I plan to do and how I will do it. I plan to start somewhere random along the Sirion (As Barágon was washed down a tributary) and begin there. I plan to roleplay as much as possible. I will travel across the land (Searching Far and wide) doing what is just and destroying the forces of Morgoth. As my character I will try my best to defend Beleriand. I will also destroy anybody of the forces of Morgoth as Barágon hates him and his armies with with a burning passion. Most of the stuff I do will be for the sake of Middle Earth and not my individual character. I want to roleplay as much as possible and go on tons of quests and adventures.

    Why this character? In all honesty I think Barágon out of all the characters I have written resembles me the most. With some several key differences. He resembles me exactly in physical appearance (save for the scar and I am not 6.4 yet). How he acts when he is angry or sad is exactly how I act during those circumstances.

    Where I will live? I will mainly be living in tents and inns for most of the time but I will most likely build a home somewhere so that I can store my stuff there and have a truly safe place.

    Why I am abandoning my Balrog role? So after a bit of thought I realized for the past year all I have played is evil roles. And I have had a blast doing it don't get me wrong. I also realized I have been constantly either building massive structures (Harunrim with Ztrok) or trying to gain leadership of something. I haven't really roleplayed as much as I would of liked too, the most fun I have ever had on any server would probably be my first roleplay adventure where I with 4 other players crossed the misty mtns with barely any food while being chased by a pack of murderous Gundabad orcs (3 players). The best part was that IT changed the course of the server more than any war leader or city did. One of my companions who was a the King of the Woodland Realm ended up declaring war on gundabad and utterly destroying it 2 weeks later. Then a knight of Dale (which was a leaderless fallen apart faction) convinced the rest of Dale to elect me king where I subsequently cleared out mordor with the help of Gondor and established the Reunited Kingdom. By the end of it the only evil was Harad. Playing as Barágon I believe I will have a chance to roleplay far more than I did before and have a lot of fun adventures and memories.

    Faction I plan to join no faction but travel across Middle Earth (Beleriand mainly but I will most likely travel to far lands such as Dorwinion and Harad.) and visit the many kingdoms of the free peoples. I will rarely use FT and devote myself to rping and traveling. For example If a kingdom such as Hithlum is at war I will do what I can to help them and aid them in battle and defense. I will try to keep myself as separate from any faction.

    Title I plan to use the title The Lone Hunter.

    Name I will go by the name Barágon Edelang.

    Gear For Barágon I will wear Dunedain Ranger Boots, leggings, Chestplate, and hood for my traveling/stealth armor. I will carry a Gondolin sword named Meithel (Misery). Of there is any way I could get a strong curved sword. In addition I would also carry a Dol Amroth helmet, Rivendell Chestplate, Rivendell leggings, and Rivendell boots to use as my war armor. I will also carry a Wood Elven dagger and Lossarnach axe. Finally I will use a Galahadrim or Mirkwood bow and arrows. (So I was informed that no gear will be given out which I am completely fine with. The above list is now what I will strive to get as my gear and I am not asking for it.)

    How this character is related to other characters I have played? So I have this trend of whenever I play mannish characters they are usually related to each other. Well since this is the First Age Barágon is ancestor of all my other characters such as Castaher in SA and Castamir II on Age of Ascension.

    Notes This is probably the most fun I have ever had writing about a character. I poured a lot of time, effort, and ideas into this story. I revised is several times and went through 3 other names before deciding on the name Barágon. I am very sorry about it being this long I didn't realize it was supposed to be short until I finished but I just couldn't cut much out of it as it would really make the story harder to follow. I really honestly from the bottom of my heart hope you enjoyed reading through this application turned into a story. Thank you and I hope to see all of you soon on the server!

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    • Sure, just post the parts that are relevant to Hithlum and I'll take a look at it.

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    • Here it's in my comment above now.

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    • Looks good so far, although you'll need to come up with a new reason for Barágon to leave Hithlum/Barad Eithel (worth noting that Barad Eithel isn't actually in Hithlum. If you want your story to be centered in Hithlum then perhaps set most of the story at the Halls of Mithrim, where Fingolfin ruled from. Barad Eithel was situated on the border of Ard-galen and the Ered Wethrin.) The current version with the Kinslaying of Angnir and Arul just won't do, sorry.

      Also, we won't be giving you any gear, unless you earn it through RP. You dragons were our only exception on the SA server, and it won't be happening again.

      -Grrr, Chrome swallowed my original reply when I opened Spotify D:<

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    • Ok sounds good. I will change the reason on why Barágon left (perhaps something a little more peaceful, but still enough to cause him to leave for 2 years.) Also I will adjust the story to Barad Eithel. Lastly in regards to the gear that's chill, I'm fine getting my own stuff. When I have finished editing it I will post it back here in a couple hours when it's morning (assuming these A-holes won't stop shouting from their boat next to mine and let me sleep! Grrr.) Thank you for your help.

      Lothron i thúl a elena oiale n- at cín back nin mellon!

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    • Ok do I edited it and reposted it aove although I might have missed a few things like changing Thingol to Fingolfin. I cant change them now but I will do it when I get back to my laptop. Thank you for your time and tell me what you think.


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