• Erebor is built in dark green stone of the lonely mountain. I had try build it with dwarven bricks, but its not soo good to soo. Can we have a special stone, with blocks stairs and slabs, just for erebor?

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    • Are you basing this off of the movie? Also try out Angmar Bricks and Morgul Bricks.

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    • It's not a bad idea, I mean the Easterlings we have are based off the movies, but still, Green Erebor does look pretty look.

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    • No i mean.. like gondor rock, but in dark green color, and if is possible decotative bricks with gold.

      Angmar Bricks and Morgul Bricks no are good :O

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    • It's an old post.. but i have the same request.

      We need a special stone, not bricks.. for build Erebor!!

      Can introducts this special blocks in the next updating??

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    • A FANDOM user
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