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    Unspecific. See last post.
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    Um.... more blocks. Yeah

    Dalish Pastry Oven - has texture like a Dalish crafter meets hobbit oven. Cannot cook meat and the like, but can cook bread into Danish Pastry Bread, flour (wheat in millstone) into bread, and perhaps other recipes. Must be crafted using cobblestone around a hobbit oven in a dalish crafting table. Cooking in one grants the achievement and title "Dalish Pastry Chef"

    Grindstone - used to sharpen swords and other tools. Click once with a weapon to sharpen. Lowers durability but has small chance of giving a damage modifier. Tops out at keen. Deals 8-16 durability damage per click, or less if that is too OP. Craft smooth stone on the first six blocks and a wood plank, a stick, and another wood plank at the bottom, in that order.

    Whetstone - a pocket sized grindstone which deals less durability damage (2-4) but much lower chance of giving a modifier. Tops out at sharp. Craft 2 smooth stone. Each whetstone can be used 10 times.

    Mug of Endless Beer - a standard mug, filled with either ale, mead, vodka, dwarven ale, or maple beer of any potency. Once you drink from it, you take minor damage (like orc draught) but it never ends. Can be poisoned, but must be found in chests or from powerful foes.

    Arrow box - crafted either in a cauldron formation with dried reeds to make dried version or with wooden planks to make wood version. Can be filled with a stack of arrows. Click with an empty hand to retrieve one arrow, shift click to open a GUI with the whole stack.

    Quiver (not a block, but still) - craft with either an arrow box and leather, or leather in a door formation. Can be attached to a chestplate or pants, and once again, can be filled with arrows. Press a button to open the GUI where you can input the arrows or take it out. Killing an enemy with a single shot from a quiver with only 1 arrow gives you the achievement - One in the quiver, and a similar title.

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    • Rather unspecific and most is not original. Title sucks.

      Pastry oven is superfluous. Flour making ditto. Grind- and whetstone assume new mechanics. Needs way more detailling. Endless mug is bullocks and unrelated. Arrow box is interesting. Quiver is totally superfluous and covered in tens of threads before.

      Ye. Closing it for being unspecific. No clear focus nor clearly related subjects.

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