• if any admin sees this i was "mining" my own buisness then i left the game for a few minutes to deliver a misplaced package and when i came back it said i wasnt whitelisted. my account name is AfroDudeMan. can someone please fix this this is one of my favorite servers

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    • nevermind it got fixed but i still want to know why that happened

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    • happened to me too, except it didn't get fixed. what did you do to fix it?

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    • yeah, happened to me too, i hasn't fixed in THREE MONTHS, please check for solutions admins! 

      I also have never played before, so I would like to know why this happened. (please tell me If I'm just being dumb and there is some other way to join for the first time)

      EDIT: Hi, me again, its on the official server, and it says in the exact words, "You are not white-listed on this server!" I dont know what this means, if anyone could give me an update on this i would be very happy. Also it been saying no-ones on the server for a YEAR now, and that seems unlikely... 

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    • You know it would sure be a great help if you all specified what servers you couldn't access.. 🙄🙄

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    • If it was the official server, I believe that they sometimes use a whitelist to bring the server down for maintenance, instead of shutting it down completely. That way the admins can still log on to do stuff.

      Please keep in mind that I am a wiki admin, not a server admin, so I have no idea if this is actually what happened to you, nor am I a reliable source of information when it comes to servers. Generally if you have server related questions, you should post on the appropriate server's Facebook page or ask in their official discord, or however else that community connects outside of minecraft.

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