• I had spoke with AltOgre to help the mod team to translate the mod in the German language, he sais i can must speek with you or Gorbag12. Conatact me please wen i can help you!!!

    Thank you

    by Akuiu


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    • Translation of the mod to german*

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    • The mod already has a very good German translation. It is currently maintained by Gorbag12 and Keltenfeuer, as far as I'm aware. Do you find anything missing in it?

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    • As Sinth already said, tKelt and I do it mostly and we don't think we need more translators otherwise it would only mess up. I keep you ofc in my mind, in case if someone of us has to leave the translation team.                                            

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    • ok ty

      and for spanish translation ??? (its only a question)

      thanks for reading Akuiu

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    • Why don't you check yourself? You can easily see what languages exist by opening the mod file in an unzip program and going to assets/lotr/lang, or by selecting the languages ingame and taking a look at some LOTR items.

      There is no translation for original Spanish itself, but there are translations for the Argentinian and Mexican dialects of it. They would be a good reference to start a translation.

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    • ok thanks to all!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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