• NOTE: I understand that the Cerinrim are a planned faction, and as such are technically futile to suggest- but with my hype levels for B34 out the roof and a handful of textures on hand, I decided to make a small suggestion covering the Cerinrim in a way that I believe would make them unique and interesting. Of course, their exact lore hasn't been completely revealed to the public yet, and so some parts of this suggestion could be rendered unusable. However, I believe that the suggestion is concrete enough to provide some aid / ideas to the Mod team. Purely for organization, here are the previous Harad suggestions I've created so far





    Cerinrim Armor - Crafted with a Pinneth Gelin pattern of ink and any kind of leather, a full set provides 12 protection points, due to the Cerinrim having inherited their superb leather tanning skills from their northern relatives, the Morwaith. Crafting the helmet and chestplate with Vulture feathers results in a Cerinrim Decorated Headdress & Cerinrim Decorated Chestplate respectively, as the feathers show off their prowess in battle.



    Bronzen Cerinrim Necklace - A small decorative piece, worn occasionally by traders or wealthy civilians. Crafted by placing 3 bronze in a slab-like pattern on a Cerinrim CT. It serves little purpose, save for jewelry.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Helmet - Crafted with bronze in a helmet pattern, it is only worn by the wealthier Cerinrim due to their cost. Remaining Bronze armor isn't available for the Cerinrim because of their lack of advanced chainmaking knowledge. It provides 2 protection points.


    Cerinrim Warlord Helmet - Made by crafting a Bronzen Helmet with a skull, 2 bonemeal and 4 Vulture feathers, it is worn by Cerinrim Warlords to show off their kills and give them the endurance of the Vulture, an animal they believe is related to the War of God.


    Cerinrim Sword - A flimsy weapon, it has the same durability as a stone sword, but still serves its purpose well. Crafted with flint in the typical sword pattern, it deals 5.5 damage


    Cerinrim Axe - Shoddily made but effective, it is crafted with flint in the typical axe pattern. It deals 7.5 damage but has a 75% swing speed.


    Cerinrim Spear - A basic spear, it is crafted with flint in the typical spear pattern, and deals a low 4.5 damage, but has an 83% swing speed and a 150% reach.


    Cerinrim Dagger - Favored by the Cerinrim's civilian population for its cheap cost and efficiency, it is crafted with flint in the typical dagger pattern. It deals 4.5 damage but has a 150% swing speed and 75% reach, making it effective for close combat.


    Cerinrim Club - Made out of the roots of the Bushland trees, the crafting of this particular weapon is a tradition carried from the Cerinrim's Morwaith roots, despite having an altered design due to lost craftmanship. It shares the same crafting recipe as a Morwaith club, but deals 1 damage less.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Sword - A more expensive variant of the Cerinrim Sword, it is crafted with bronze, typically wielded by the Cerinrim's wealthier warriors. It deals 6 damage, and has regular sword stats.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Hatchet - A tactical version of the typical bronze axe, it shares the same damage potential as the Cerinrim Bronzen Sword, but has a shorter reach. It is crafted with bronze in the typical axe pattern, and deals 6 damage.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Battleaxe - Crafted with bronze in the typical battleaxe pattern, it deals 8 damage and has basic battleaxe stats.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Spear - Crafted with bronze in the typical spear pattern, it deals 5 damage and can be thrown.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Glaive - Only available in the bronze variant, it deals 6 damage and has a 200% reach and 68% swing speed.


    Bronzen Cerinrim Dagger - Most commonly used by Cerinrim Warlocks in their bloodletting rituals, Bronzen Cerinrim Daggers deal 5 damage and have a 150% swing speed and 75% reach.


    Cerinrim Skull Staff - Crafted in the same way as a Orc Skull Staff, save that it requires two Vulture Feathers. It deals the same damage as the Orc Skull Staff, but has 125% range and 83% swing speed. It is wielded by Cerinrim Warlords


    Cerinrim Sling - A primitive but effective ranged weapon, it uses Ceramic Marbles as ammo. It has a 75% draw speed, considering the required swing time, but deals a whopping 150% damage and has about 140% range. (Optional) They should be able to be loaded with multiple Ceramic Marbles (up to 8), however, this should decrease the draw speed & range, and lower the overall accuracy of the shot by spreading out the shots over distance. Understandably, this would be fairly hard to code. If implemented, the loading sequence would be different than other ranged weapons, requiring the player to place the sling and the Ceramic Marbles in the same grid, even if only one. It is crafted with 1 stick, 2 string and 2 of any leather


    Clay Marble - Crafted by placing two clay next to eachother on any crafting table, they serve no purpose save to be turned into Ceramic Marbles.

    Ceramic Marbles - Crafted by baking Clay Marbles in any furnace, forge or oven, they deal 2 damage when thrown, similar to pebbles

    Clay Oven - Not Cerinrim-specific, this clay oven is crafted by placing 8 hardened clay in a furnace-pattern on any Haradric crafting table. It is found harad-wide, and can also cook food as well as ores, though at a much less efficient rate.

    Vulture Feather - Dropped by Vultures, mostly used in Cerinrim crafting recipes


    Stake - Crafted by placing three fence on top of each other. It is placeable, and has a pointed tip. Right clicking them with skulls adds them on, up to 2 skulls per block.

    Cerinrim Brazier - Crafted with bronze bars in a 2x3 pattern in a Cerinrim CT, can be lit and doesn't spread flame.

    Salted Termite - Crafted by placing 1 termite and 1 salt in a Cerinrim CT, cannot be used to make Termite Tequila. These can be stacked up to 64. They provide 2 hunger points but cause Nausea for 3 seconds.

    Roasted Termite - Crafted by roasting a Salted Termite in any furnace, forge or oven. These can be stacked up to 64. They provide 5 hunger points. (NOTE: Trying to cook a regular Exploding Termite in an oven results in a rather large surprise)


    Cerinrim - Regular Cerinrim, they have 20 health and, due to their bloodthirsty nature, still attack enemies with their daggers. They have a 75% chance to wield a regular Cerinrim Dagger, 20% chance to wield a Bronzen Cerinrim Dagger, and 5% chance to wield a Cerinrim Club.

    Cerinrim Tribute - Slaves of war, these are assorted civillian Far-Haradrim who have entered indefinite service to their Cerinrim masters during their ruthless conquests, and can be bought from Cerinrim Warlocks. Despite their use as farmhands, their main ability lies in their worth of sacrifice. Killing a Cerinrim Tribute with positive Cerinrim alignment in the Far Harad Bushlands provides you with a strength bonus and recovers 4 health.

    Cerinrim Levy - A lowly peasant that has taken up arms, these are, in the Cerinrim's eyes, intended as cannon fodder. They only wear Cerinrim leggings and Cerinrim Sandals (and rarely bone helmet or bone chestplate), and only wield the basic flint variant of the Cerinrim equipment set.

    Cerinrim Attendant - The backbone of the Cerinrim military, these are reliable men of war employed as raiders and warriors by the Cerinrim tribes. They wear a full set of Cerinrim armor (occasionally without the helmet) and typically wield Bronzen equipment.

    Cerinrim Slinger - A ranged version of the Cerinrim Attendant, they have a rather low rate of fire, but enemies must be careful as they can hit hard and from quite a distance.

    Cerinrim Banner-bearer - Self-explanatory

    Mound-men Hermit Cerinrim that live far-away from the hot spots of civilization, they appear much more primitive than their civilized kin. Typically wielding nothing, they are found in lone Cerinrim Huts, typically around large mounds of termites being known for their diet of Exploding-termites and poor taste in housing. They wear scrappy clothing and spend most of their lives picking termites as food and supply. They would have 18 HP because of their malnutrition but would have the ability to throw termites when angered, and throw them in the same attack-style as Easterling Fire-throwers, though at a slower rate. They would be rare to find and would be hired for steep price.

    Cerinrim Warlord - Mighty warriors that have taken to leading their own group of men, they wear the basic Cerinrim armor set, but with a Cerinrim Warlord helmet, displaying their kills, and wield Cerinrim Skull Staffs. Once can hire regular Cerinrim, Cerinrim Levies, Cerinrim Attendants, Cerinrim Slingers and Cerinrim Banner-bearers from them. They have 26 HP.

    Cerinrim Cultist - A basic unit, they have 20 HP and wield full bone armor, and can be killed off rather quick. However, after killing an enemy, they gain a temporary strength bonus, and stack the duration for every additional enemy killed.

    Cerinrim Warrior Monk - Elite units, these are typically the sons of wealthy Cerinrim that have dedicated their lives to their faith, and as such have trained for many years, developing their combat prowess in hopes to better please their god. They have 24 HP, wear Cerinrim armor with Bronzen Cerinrim Helmets, and wield a Cerinrim Club and a Bronzen Cerinrim Spear, depending on the range of the enemy, making them ideal in a defensive position. They can be hired either (more expensively) from a Cerinrim Warlock or individually by miniquest.

    Cerinrim Warlock - The most influential members of the Cerinrim society, these are the oracles, preachers, prophets and lords of the Cerinrim people, and are believed to have some special connection towards the Cerinrim War-god. They have 24 HP, wear the Decorated Cerinrim armor variant and wield Bronzen Cerinrim daggers. From them you can hire Cerinrim Tributes, Cerinrim Cultists, and Cerinrim Warrior Monks (however, in comparison to the regular units they are far more expensive). One can also buy important artefacts from them. They buy bones, flowers, daggers and bronze.

    Cerinrim Leatherworker - One of the more common trader NPCs, these sell the various leather Cerinrim items and buy hide and cooked meat.

    Cerinrim Mason - A simple Brickmason, these sell building supplies and buy food and precious gems.

    Cerinrim Hunter - Cerinrim that, after a long life of war settled to continue their bloodshed in their homeland. They sell raw meat, cooked meat and various gathered fruits. They buy spears, sticks, flint and bronze.

    Cerinrim Bronzeworker - A rather rare trader, they essentially act as a smith, and sell the various Bronze items included in this suggestion and are able to repair and modify your equipment. They have 25 HP like the other smiths and wield a Blacksmith hammer.

    Vulture - One of the new mobs added in the Far Harad Bushlands, they have about 12 HP, and usually attack mobs that have less than 4 HP left. The Cerinrim believe that the Vulture is related to the Cerinrim War-god because of their habit of picking off the weak- a core belief played into Cerinrim culture since their separation from the other Morwaith tribes and eventual influence from the Taurethrim


    Cerinrim Hut - A small house for the less well-off Cerinrim, it is about the same size as a Morwaith Hunter Shack and is made out of small clay bricks and are crude in fashion, typically having shutter-less windows and a cramped interior. 1-2 Cerinrim can spawn in here

    Cerinrim House - Reserved for the wealthier Cerinrim, these are simply larger huts with better loot inside. They have a rare chance to have an additional room attached to the side of it, (considered the 'rich' variant) which has rare loot.1-4 Cerinrim can spawn in here. Skulls and Stakes outside of them can be found, displaying the inhabitant's trophies of war.

    Cerinrim Warlord Great House - Homes of the great Cerinrim Warlords, these are typically the largest and most well-kept dwellings in a Cerinrim Village. They are covered in skulls, displaying the Warlord's great strength and devotion to the War-god.

    Cerinrim Temple - Large temples erected in honor of the Cerinrim War-god, these are perhaps the most grandious structures built by the Cerinrim (or, better said, their slaves). They are lit up by expensive bronze Cerinrim Braziers, and have several rooms, kitchens and altars inside for their devoted sectaries. On the top, a large slab surface is elevated for the ritualistic killings of war prisoners reaped from the Cerinrim's conquests. Cerinrim Cultists, Cerinrim Warrior Monks and Cerinrim Warlocks can be found here.

    Cerinrim Shrine - A small structure, these are shrines dedicated to the Cerinrim War-god, and it is customary tradition for the Cerinrim's warriors to touch it before going to battle, as they believe it grants them strength against the enemy, and to pray when they return.

    Appropriately Named Trader Hut - Self-explanatory, I hope.

    Cerinrim Smithy - Small forgeries specialized in the smithing of Bronze, they boast several Clay Ovens and no cielings. Cerinrim Bronzeworkers can be found here.

    Cerinrim Watchtower - A rudimentary watchtower, typically found either on the farther outskirts of the Cerinrim's possessed lands and surrounding their more valued heartlands, preventing unwanteds from entering... or leaving.

    Cerinrim Execution Pit - These are found nowhere near Cerinrim holdings, but rather farther into the Bushlands, and consist of several holes filled with quagmire, stakes, and a nearby mound of Termites. These are designed purely for the Cerinrim who betray their overlords, and are punished to a horrifying death in the middle of nowhere.

    Cerinrim Hamlet - A small multistructure, they are similair in fashion and design to Pueblo communities. Cerinrim Warlord Mansions cannot be found here, and they typically contain only 1-2 trader huts and a watchtower.

    Cerinrim Village - Another multistructure, these are rather large communites of Cerinrim, and typically boast a Cerinrim Warlord Mansion, several trader huts (and occasionally a smithy), and a selection of shrines. They have a 1/4 chance of having a wooden palisade surrounding it.

    Cerinrim Devout Hamlet - A small hamlet dedicated to worship, these are identical to Cerinrim Hamlets save for being slighty larger, having a higher occurance of bones and skulls, a closer proximity to Cerinrim Temples, and a complete population of devout Cerinrim cultists and Warrior Monks.



    [Blood Magic] - Slay a Cerinrim Tribute

    [Cerinrim Kinsman] - Get 10+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Cerinrim Disciple] - Get 100+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Cerinrim Warlock] - Get 1000+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Faith Warrior] - Equip a full set of Cerinrim Armor [Ring Leader] - Hire a Cerinrim Cultist


    [Cerinrim] - Get 100 + alignment with Cerinrim

    [Cultist] - Get 100+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Warlock] - Get 1000+ alignment with Cerinrim / Dol Guldur / Rhun

    [Cerinrim Attendant] - Get 100+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Cerinrim Champion] - Get 500+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Cerinrim Warrior Monk] - Get 500+ alignment with Cerinrim

    [Cerinrim Warlock] - Get 1000+ alignment with Cerinrim / Slay a Cerinrim Tribute

    [Cerinrim Slayer] - Kill a Cerinrim

    [Sadist] - Hire a Cerinrim Tribute

    [Sect-leader] - Hire a Cerinrim Cultist


    Cerinrim equipment should have a higher chance of NPCs dropping skulls when killed

    Cerinrim should still attack several neutral factions, as they are a warmongering faction. Copper & Tin ore should be rarer in the Far Harad Bushlands, while Gold ore should be more common

    IMO, I believe that the Cerinrim should revere Bronze as the metal of their respective War-god, considering its malleability and expensive cost to produce for a primitive faction. Bronze and Bronze items should be bought and sold for a higher price from and to Cerinrim Traders.

    Here's a small shield, only used by the Cerinrim Warrior-monks.

    Alignment Cerinrim2

    Thanks for reading my small suggestion on how I think the Cerinrim should be implemented. Of course, I expect and welcome any critiscism!

    EDIT 1:

    Changed Sanctuary to Devout Hamlet

    Changed Mansion to Great House

    Changed Cemetary to Execution Pit

    Changed Buzzard to Vulture

    Changed Buzzard Feather to Vulture Feather

    Improved Cerinrim Crafting to better fit Vulture Feathers

    EDIT 2:

    Changed Cerinrim Champions to Mound-men

    Added a Cerinrim Shield

    Added Salted Termites

    Added Roasted Termites

    EDIT 3: 

    Changed the Cerinrim Shield to a rounded version

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    • Actually. This suggestion is nice. I see you actually put time into your suggestion. I appreciate that. The best suggestions are ones where people actually care about what their suggesting. The textures are nice as well, I like the Warlord Helmet. 

      Leek kingopai1 Lol I don't even play minecraft but I'm still active on this wiki for some reason (Send me some Leeks!)

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    • The bronzen weaponry and the gliave remind me of an Avari post I saw a while ago...

      All that aside, this loooks like a rather well thought out post that would benefit the mod greatly should it be added. I rather like the idea of Cerinrim Champions, although maybe they should run into the enemy and simply throw the termites down in front of them? It would cause the same affect, except you could get more uses out of them, and for the price, would make more sense.

      High Elf ShieldHigh Elven Equipment Draugthalion Tiruial Mellon Rivendell EquipmentHigh Elf Shield

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    • AlteOgre
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      18:12, April 15, 2018
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    • This looks really great. The textures are fantastic, and overall this is a quality suggestion.

      Here follow my inevitable nitpicks, nearly all name-related.

      - The word "Buzzard" accurately describes a Buteo hawk. I propose Vulture as an alternative. The feather might be changed accordingly to look like an Old-World Vulture feather. 

      - "Warlock" and "Monk" are rather Medieval terms. I propose "Priest", a word attested in Tolkien, and something like "Vulture Warrior", evoking the Aztec Eagle and Jaguar Warriors.

      - "Sanctuary", "Cemetary", and "Mansion" seems like rather pure words for such a savage people. Instead, may I propose "Ritual Site", "Execution Pit", and "Great House"? 

      - The Suicide Bomber dude is rather odd (as is the notion of Exploding Termites, but anyway) and seems silly to me. It might also be a touchy subject for some, and though that's not my main reason for suggesting a removal, it could be one.

      Heraldry 2 Ithilion, Discussions Moderator(Auta i lómë)IthilionHeraldry

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    • Well the Cenririm probably used a lot of Leopard skin and the Champion should start throwing the Termites but other than that it looks fine.

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    • Bad Termites, griefing bad.

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    • @King of Old Man

      Thank you! I'm glad you like the textures :)

      @Draughtalion Tiruial

      Interesting idea. I do believe that would be alot more useful.

      However, I've been thinking of changing the Cerinrim Champion to simply 'Moundman', acting as individual, Cerinrim-aligned hermits that live farther from civilization alone in Cerinrim Huts, wearing scrappy clothing and spending most of their lives picking Termites for food and supply. These would have 18 HP for their malnutrition, but have the ability to throw Termites, albeit at a very slow speed and wield no weapons. They would be hired individually for a steep price and be rare to find.

      What do you think? Better to stick to the original or would this updated version be more interesting?


      1. Agreed, changed

      2. I originally considered Priest, however I thought Warlock would be interesting considering the idea of 'Dark Sorcery' and it's relation to battle magic in general. (Also was worried about the exclusive relationship between the word Priest and the Christian religion, however this is not too important) and therefore am leaving it unchanged for the most part.  

      3. Agreed, changed

      4. I didn't think it was that much of a problem as I mostly had Warg Bombardiers in mind. Eitherway, what do you think of my proposal mentioned in my response to Draug to change them to Termite-throwers, but making them armourless, weaponless and rare to find?


      Termites good, war-god good.

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    • OHMYGOODNESS. I have to say, I am against all of these sudden amounts of Harad updates, but DANG! This is work well done. Kudos. 

      The textures are AMAZING. Can you please tell me what site you're using? Or where you're doing these textures? Please? Thanks. 

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    • High King Ithilion
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    • Grumbling continues

      So can someone please tell me the site?

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    • IronJaw333 wrote:
      OHMYGOODNESS. I have to say, I am against all of these sudden amounts of Harad updates, but DANG! This is work well done. Kudos. 

      The textures are AMAZING. Can you please tell me what site you're using? Or where you're doing these textures? Please? Thanks. 

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      I typically use, officially known as Pixelmator. It's completely free and has offline functionality. Effectively, Photoshop is a little better, but when im working on small projects I typically use it because it's base image format is PNG instead of PSD.

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    • Thank you! 

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    • I really like the Vulture idea. It kinda shows the cruelty of the Cerinrim.

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    • " the Vulture, an animal they believe is related to the War of God." Don't mean to nit-pick, but I'm pretty sure you mean "God of War" instead of "War of God."

      Other than that, now I really want to go and play as a Cerinrim.  Great job on this suggestion!

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    • Here's a more rounded version of the Cerinrim shield, I am still unsure which is better looking

      Alignment Cerinrim2

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    • The one on the left, in my opinion. The one on the right looks good, but kind of like Saurons eye in wood, no? (hey! that rhymed!) And I don't think the Cerinirrim had anything to do with Sauron...

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    • IronJaw333 wrote:
      The one on the left, in my opinion. The one on the right looks good, but kind of like Saurons eye in wood, no? (hey! that rhymed!) And I don't think the Cerinirrim had anything to do with Sauron...

      Oh uhm, that's the shield front and back. The one on the right is just the backside with a handle for them to hold on haha

      These are the two seperate shields side by side:

      Alignment Cerinrim2 vs Alignment Cerinrim

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    • I prefer the round one, personally.

      Heraldry 2 Ithilion, Discussions Moderator(Auta i lómë)IthilionHeraldry

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      Off topic.
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    • THe round one is better imo as well.

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    • On the Cenririm Levy, it would seem unlikely that the Cenririm would use their own peasants as Cannon Fodder. It would seem more likely they'd use prisoners of war who have been forced into military service.

      As for the Cultist. What that draws to mind is a robed dude with a knife. WHat you propose is more similar to a Berserker.

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    • Kickratgames1101 wrote:
      On the Cenririm Levy, it would seem unlikely that the Cenririm would use their own peasants as Cannon Fodder. It would seem more likely they'd use prisoners of war who have been forced into military service.

      As for the Cultist. What that draws to mind is a robed dude with a knife. WHat you propose is more similar to a Berserker.

      You would be surprised by the cruelty of some leaders.

      I don't really think the name serves any problems. Perhaps the bone armour could be omitted, but I think it's fitting considering their worship of war.

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    • No actually I wouldn't be surprised their cruelty. The Zulu staged mass executions of their own people just because their chieftain wanted to. But I think having the Levies be peasants doesn't make much sense.

      The bone armor makes sense. What about something like Cenririm Fanatic?

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    • It’s fine how it is IMO

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    • It's a good suggestion your right. But I don't think Cultist is the correct word, Fanatic or Berserker would fit better imo.

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    • Berserker brings to mind Vikings... I'd say Fanatic.

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    • A FANDOM user
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