• Hello LOTRmodded server owners, staff and players,

    The PvP Mode mod is a serverside mod that allows players to disable PvP for themselves on servers while ensuring this cannot be abused and both PvP focussed and PvP shunning players have an improved gameplay experience.

    PvP Mode mod & info

    We have released the public BETA version, downloadable link: pvp-mode-1.5.0-BETA.jar
    For a quick overview of what lead to this version, check this: changelog 1.5.0-BETA
    All relevant info on the mod is to be found in this wiki: wiki


    The mod is developed for all types of LOTRmodded servers, with focus varying from pure free-for-all PvP with faction-warfare to peaceful roleplay-building. It has originally been specifically designed to support servers that are typically populated by both PvP focussed players and players who are less or even not interested in PvP. The mods aim is to provide all types of players a pleasant gameplay environment and to reduce overly complicated rules of engagement and intense staff monitoring, intervention and meddling as they struggle to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all in their community. The mod can be used with either consented PvP (PvP toggling) enabled, or disabled. Even with PvP toggling disabled, the mod offers a lot of useful features for server staff and players that help improve their experience, both in-game and behind the scenes. Server staff have enormous freedom to customise the usage of the features of the mod.


    The mod offers quite a few features and most of them can be enabled/disabled or tailored to meet the specific needs of servers using the mod. So, do note that the use of them can be different on every server that uses the mod.

    Basic Features

    • Enables players to toggle their PvP Mode ON or OFF. The default is OFF.
    • Allows server staff to disable PvP Mode toggling entirely and set a default PvP Mode for the entire server.
    • Enables operators to override PvP Mode status.
    • Enables users to see the PvP Mode of all players in-game and their status via /pvplist.
    • Enables users and operators to see player PvP Mode status via /pvp(admin) info.
    • Prevents hired NPCs of players with PvP Mode OFF to attack other players and their hired NPCs.
    • Prevents hired NPCs of players with PvP Mode ON to attack players with PvP Mode OFF, and their hired NPCs.
    • When players get gamemode 1 and/or flight, their PvP Mode is automatically switched to OFF. This is shown via /pvplist.
    • Customisable settings via a config file for the cooldown and warmup timers controlling usage of /pvp. Warmup timers for opting in or out of PvP can be set separately.
    • Player proximity and direction intelligence: Players with PvP Mode ON and a spy function (or 'little birds') enabled, get info on the approximate distance between them and other players with PvP Mode ON, via /pvplist. The distance shown is rounded up to units of 100 blocks and the direction is given as one of 8 main wind directions. This simulates the availability of 'little birds' or spies in the field, providing intelligence to the player. Players with PvP Mode ON can have the spy function enabled by default, or they can be empowered to activate or deactivate their 'little birds' themselves. When players are enabled to toggle spies on/off, via '/pvp spy', they will only be able to get proximity and direction info on other players who also have their spies activated.
    • Operators can tag items as 'Soulbound' using the /soulbound command when holding the item. This tag prevents them from being dropped upon a death event.

    PvP Event Control

    • A combat logger, registering when which player or hired unit hit which other player or hired unit with what weapon. The config provides options to select csv or simple log files, and definition of field separators.
    • Blocking of use of /pvp and any teleportation within a set time after initiation of PvP combat. This holds for Fast transport by the LOTRmod. Blocking of other means of teleportation depends on a command blacklist which can be defined in the config.
    • Item drops upon knockout: Instead of either keepInventory ON or OFF, players lose a configurable number of random parts of their armour and/or of their hotbar and/or of their main inventory slots. The number of each can be defined in the config and this can be defined separately for death events caused by PvE or by PvP (including indirect PvP via hired NPCs). Recommended values are 1-2 armour items, 2-4 hotbar items and 3-9 main inventory items. For this to be effective, gamerule keepInventory must be set to true.

    LOTRmod Compatibility

    • A LOTRmod compatible 'enemy biome forced PvP Mode ON' feature. Dependent on the biome a player is in, and the players alignment with the faction supposed to control said biome, the mod overrides the PvP Mode of the player and forces it ON. The mod provides two default config files for this feature: one basic one including all biomes that can be considered under 'control' of their home factions, and an extended one that assumes a wider reach of faction spies. The default config file used for this purpose is created in the config folder of a server: 'pvpmode_lotr_enemy_biomes.txt'.
    • In a similar way, server staff can also define safe biomes, where the PvP Mode for all players is forced OFF. The default config file used for this purpose is created in the config folder of a server: 'pvpmode_lotr_safe_biomes.txt'.
    • To help server management manage and communicate on the enemy and safe biomes features, the mod creates three files in the root folder of the server: 'lotr_mod_biome_ids.txt', 'extended_enemy_biomes.txt' and 'default_enemy_biomes_map.png'.

    SiegeMode mod Compatibility

    • The PvP mode is forced to on upon entering sieges.
    • The partial inventory loss doesn't apply for players in sieges.
    • PvP logging can be disabled for players in a siege.
    • Players in a siege don't send or receive proximity and direction information.
    • Players in a siege are displayed further down on the PvP list.

    SuffixForge Compatibility

    • A configurable option to prevent items marked with 'Soulbound' to be dropped when the partial inventory loss feature is enabled. Note that this is fully compatible with the 'Soulbound' feature of the PvP Mode mod.

    Ender IO Compatibility

    • A configurable option to prevent items marked with 'Soulbound' to be dropped when the partial inventory loss feature is enabled.

    DeathCraft Compatibility

    • A configurable option to ensure that drops upon death are disposed in the death chest created by this plugin.

    Lootable Bodies Compatibility

    • A configurable option to ensure that drops upon death are disposed in the dead body created by this plugin.

    Utilities and Server Management

    • Full tab-completion support for all commands.
    • Various customisable settings for the abovementioned features in the general config file for the mod: 'pvp-mode.cfg'.
    • Global chat messages can be surpressed and are prefixed with a configurable prefix.

    Servers using the mod

    At present, the mod is in use on the following servers.

    Servers with PvP Toggle enabled:

    Servers with PvP Toggle disabled:

    GitHub Workspace

    The mod is open sourced and available at GitHub: PvP Mode mod @ GitHub
    We will use this thread to communicate on progress, receive your feedback, discuss options and communicate on our progress.
    The GitHub environment is open-source and so is the teams communication on what we plan to do and how we work. Feel free to check our current plans and progress @ GitHub.

    What's next?

    Work is already in progress for v2.0.0-BETA, which is expected to be released in November 2018. That version focuses on a number of long planned improvements, some of which require restructring of the mod. The mod will improve with respect to interfacing and performance as well. Most noteworthy planned changes for now are:

    • Custom PvP override zones/biomes: forcing either PvP Mode ON or OFF. For example to make The Shire biome(s) a permanent PvP free zone or to create temporary war zones around builds where PvP Mode is forced ON.
    • Gear and item allowance for PvP: when PvP Mode ON, specified gear and items cannot be used. For example to make players not use any vanilla potions in PvP, or Mithril armour, or block usage of Orc Draught for players with negative alignment with either of the orcish factions.
    • Priorisation of items types for dropping upon death. This could imply weapons have a higher chance of dropping upon death by PvP combat than any other items in the hotbar or main inventory.
    • Several mechanics preventing abuse / by-passing of PvP Mode OFF for players.
    • The possibility to force PvP Mode ON for a configurable perido of time after teleportation or entering the game.
    • Creation of temporary event zones where PvP Mode is either forced ON or OFF.
    • The possibility to force Map Location ON for players with PvP Mode ON.

    Development team

    Lead developer: CraftedMods a.k.a The_Ranger_Malvegil
    Coders: Mahtaran and VulcanForge
    Grump: AlteOgre

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    • For the planned 'biome-alignment dependent forced pvp mode on', we will include a default list of biomes where enemies of specified factions (alignment < 0) will get their pvp mode forced on.

      Here's the proposed default list:

      The complete, to be included, default input parameter list for this feature:

      Faction name (for alignment command); value for criterium which forces pvp mode on, if player alignment smaller than value; biome identifier numbers where criterium is valid

      HOBBIT; 0; 3,4,74,90,91,131,132
      RANGER_NORTH: 0; 3,4,21,22,25,29,30,31,33,65,74,90,91,131,132,141
      BLUE_MOUNTAINS; 0;47,87
      HIGH_ELF; 0; 44,45,64,141
      GUNDABAD; 0; 2,32,36,38,43,85,86,129,143
      ANGMAR; 0; 13,21,22,26,42,55,65,71
      WOOD_ELF; 0; 14,66,79,80
      DOL_GULDUR; 0; 15,46,48,49,119
      DALE; 0; 66,139
      DWARF; 0; 11,15,32,78,85,86
      GALADHRIM; 0; 9,10,39
      DUNLAND; 0; 23,41,72
      URUK_HAI; 0; 16,60,72
      FANGORN; 0; 24,57,60,67
      ROHAN; 0; 1,57,61,130
      GONDOR; 0; 7,8,18,19,28,56,57,58,59,62,68,69,76,82,93,114,147,148,151,152,153,154,155
      MORDOR; 0; 5,6,12,17,34,49,50,51,52,53,69,70,81,135,136,137,138
      DORWINION; 0; 112,140,160
      RHUN; 0; 157,158,159,160
      NEAR_HARAD; 0; 28,96,99,101,106,108,120,128,146,149,151
      MOREDAIN; 0; 97,105,121,122
      TAUREDAIN; 0; 100,103,109,110,123
      HALF_TROLL; 0; 107
      ALL; 66666; 37 (Meneltarma)

      Biome identifiers not used:
      0 Utumno
      20 dummy
      27 Old Forest
      35 The Sea
      40 Forodwaith
      54 dummy
      63 Lake
      75 Swanfleet
      77 Minhiriath
      83 Island
      84 Forodwaith Mountains
      88 Northlands
      89 Northern Forests
      92 Forodwaith Glacier
      94 Beach
      95 Gravel Beach
      98 Harad Mountains
      102 dummy
      111 dummy
      113 Tolfalas
      115 Rhûn
      116 Rhûn Forest
      117 Red Mountains
      118 Red Mountains Foothills
      124 Far Harad Cloud Forest
      125 Far Harad Bushland
      126 Far Harad Bushland Hills
      127 Far Harad Mangrove
      133 Near Harad Red Desert
      134 Far Harad Volcano
      142 dummy
      144 Forodwaith Coast
      145 Far Harad Coast
      150 White Beach
      156 Drúwaith Iaur
      161 Tol Rhúnaer
      162 Eryn Rhúnaer
      163 Last Desert
      164 Mountains of the Wind
      165 Foothills of the Wind

      Info derived from code of PB33.8, as reported here:

      Please feel free to comment on this list so I may improve it.

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    • Honestly, it will be neat to be able to stay safe in your Homeland and RP but if you decide to wander out into say, Ithilien wasteland, you will then need to RP a bit with some Mordor orcs before being PvPed, like most MMO Games, this should, if implemented correctly, start a whole knew line of RP Servers, even without the aforementioned newest feature.

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    • What you're referring to is a stage of roleplay maturity most players in this community have not reached, let alone are aware of. In last years I've seen an increasing tendency of server management to steer toward more immersive roleplay, so the trend is clearly present. But the roleplay maturity hasn't grown to that level that one could expect entire server communities to adopt fully roleplayed PvP scenarios yet (like, 'acted out': with preceding conversation in a local chat, and players granting other players the opportunity to talk themselves our of a potentially bad situation, or just flee before things get messy). The PvP Mode mod is certainly also meant to support that eventually. On short term, we hope the planned features will at least support and encourage players to plan ahead and experience more immersive PvP, when they choose to, and when they choose to not enable PvP, to at least feel more safe and enabled to act out encounters in a more immersive roleplay manner, with words, that is.

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    • Yep, I've noticed that not many people here know how to actually roleplay, it has gotten so bad that I tend to just use Discord text chats as a means of roleplay, as LOTR MC Servers unfortunately don't offer much of a chance for escapism

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    • Full immersive roleplay support is one of the objectives of another serverside mod we have worked on: SuffixForge. Along with essential server utility tools it offers (a.o.): nicknaming, prefixes, suffixes, list info and an adequate rp chat. Development of that mod has staggered a bit lately, but it's not dead and decently functional in an 'alpha' version. More on that can be found in the wiki discord channel #server-discussion.

      To avoid further derailing in this thread I propose to stop discussing roleplay here and refocus on the PvP Mode mod.

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    • AlteOgre wrote:
      Full immersive roleplay support is one of the objectives of another serverside mod we have worked on: SuffixForge. Along with essential server utility tools it offers (a.o.): nicknaming, prefixes, suffixes, list info and an adequate rp chat. Development of that mod has staggered a bit lately, but it's not dead and decently functional in an 'alpha' version. More on that can be found in the wiki discord channel #server-discussion.

      To avoid further derailing in this thread I propose to stop discussing roleplay here and refocus on the PvP Mode mod.

      Fair enough, we need to start propagating this to other communities btw, it might be useful outside of lotr.

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    • I'd rather not yet, at this point in the development, for three reasons. The coding team has just started to design the mod in such a way that clear distinction is made between generic and compatibility specific code. Next to that, there are not many generic features in the mod yet that make it stand out among other available mods or plugins. And finally, that will require effort and attention which we better first focus on other more urgent matters in order to get the mod fully effective on more LOTRmodded servers. As soon as we have made a few more steps introducing some of the planned generic features, and the mod has reached a more mature state, it may be more opportune to target other (mainly 1.7.10 modded) communities to share this.

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    • New release of PvP Mode mod:
      In next 24h I will update the wiki pages for the mod on LOTRmod wiki (this page) and GitHub with the info already provided to the FA server community, a.o. via this page:

      Edit: Info updated. ~Alte

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    • Released a bugfix version v1.1.1. Links in first post have been updated. Wiki has been updated for v1.1 as well.

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    • Another bugfix was just released. Fixed an annoying issue with /pvplist showing an odd order. We're now heading for v1.2.0.

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    • New bugfix v1.1.3, making sure PvP combat timer is for players activating GM1/flight.

      Thanks to the FA team for reporting and Malvegil for the rapid action to kill the bug.

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    • Added concrete plans for v1.2.

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    • AlteOgre wrote:

      What's next?

      • Making by-passing of the partial inventory loss much harder: disable shift right-clicking while in PvP combat or an alternative approach.
      • Customisable (partial) inventory loss for both PvE and PvP: lose more inventory in PvE events.

      I don’t think disabling shift-clicking is the way to go. Shift-clicking can be an important part of pvp, and disabling it would definitely upset and confuse quite a few people.

      I think that making partal inventory loss extend to the rest of the inventory would fix the issue of people circumventing the partial inventory loss, because it wouldn’t matter where you put something - nothing is safe and anything can be dropped.

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    • We see the shift-click disabling as a temporary solution. That was proposed to us by players some months ago, players insisting that was absolutely required to prevent abuse of the partial inventory loss feature. We focus on implementing a smarter selection system in v2.0.

      And we released another bugfix v1.1.4. Another one for a bug that was not reported by the community btw. This time we had noticed PvP was disabled as soon as the warmup timer had started to opt out of PvP. Obviously that was not intended at all!

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    • I hope disabling shift clicking will be configurable.

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    • It is.

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    • We just released v1.2.0-BETA!

      This version focuses on improvements on behalf of the pvp-oriented players, with improvements of the features added with v1.1.0-BETA along with a few general improvements and compatibility aspects. Most noteworthy changes:
      * Add rough direction info to the proximity info for players with PvP Mode ON: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W or NW.
      * Enable players with PvP Mode ON to determine whether they get proximity info from others and meanwhile provide others proximity info on themselves. This uses command /pvp spy, and we refer to it as activating ones 'little birbs'.
      * Separate warmup timers for toggling ON->OFF (longer) and OFF->ON (shorter).
      * Making by-passing of the partial inventory loss much harder: disable shift right-clicking while in PvP combat or an alternative approach.
      * Customisable (partial) inventory loss for both PvE and PvP: lose more inventory in PvE events.
      * SiegeMode mod compatibility: players get PvP Mode ON when joining a siege and partial inventory loss is disabled.

      Any server owners who are interested, please contact me via Discord DM in case you have any questions or are in need of assistance to get this baby going on your server and/or find the best settings to match your servers objectives, settings and rules.

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    • Added a feature list to the first post. With 6 servers now using the mod, and feature use and settings differing per server, this seemed relevant. This should also help managing expectations as many people still just expect toggling of PvP availability to be just the main course, while the mod offers much more than that.

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    • Added Isildur's Bane to list of servers using the mod.

      And sadly I had to remove FA from the list. That server was discontinued after its player attendance dropped dramatically in a period 3-4 weeks after launch, as opponents of the PvP Mode mod fiercely fought against it for its implicit starting point regarding the empowerment of players to opt out of PvP (the 'consented-PvP-concept'). When their resistance proved effective and staff eventually disbanded that starting point player attendance dropped even stronger and server management saw no other option than to close down the server. Meanwhile, the PvP Mode mod team had produced a pre-release version of v1.3.0-BETA which supported server staff to disable players using the PvP Mode toggle mechanic. Unfortunately that did not help revive FA, but for the PvP Mode mod it implied a major change of its basic purpose and the starting points for further development. Since then the coding team has worked hard to create a full v.1.3.0-BETA that enables server management to disable the PvP toggle functionality for players while maintaining access to all of the other functionalities of the mod. This makes the mod applicable for any type of server, and any type of community, even those that are fully focussed on unrestricted Factions Warfare PvP. We expect that version to become available very soon. With the release of that version, we will adjust all descriptive text for the mod to ensure users understand the mod then will have broadened its scope and applicability.

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    • The new version that changes the purpose and scope of this mod is now released: v1.3.0-BETA. With this version, the PvP Mode mod is now applicable to all LOTRmodded servers!

      Server staff can now disable PvP toggling and use the mod to simplify and maintain the rules they have for PvP, and manage PvP and related aspects. Many servers would not even consider to enable PvP toggling, but would be happy to be able to use one or more of the following features:
      * Blocking PvP for players with gamemode 1 and flight.
      * The little birbs functionality for players, enabling players to activate spies that provide them proximity and direction info of other players who have active little birbs, and vise versa.
      * The combat logger and the blocking of teleportation during PvP combat events.
      * The customisable partial inventory drops for death by PvE and/or PvP causes.
      * The creation of safe biomes, where the PvP Mode is forced to OFF for all players.
      * And, planned for v2.0.0-BETA, the blockage of use of custom specified items in PvP combat.

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    • Thank you! I'll suggest this to The Elder Days staff team. It should help.

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    • Added 'A New Dawn' to the list of servers using the mod. They do not have PvP Toggling enabled.

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    • Added 'Lords of the Roleplay' to the list of servers using the mod. They have PvP Toggling enabled, with forced PvP Mode ON overrides effective in alle biomes except home biomes of own and non-emeny factions.

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    • Added 'The Elder Days' to the list of servers using the mod. That server has PvP toggling disabled.

      Also removed 'Lords of the Roleplay' from the list of servers as that server was discontinued.

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    • We released a bugfix and compatibility version 1.3.1-BETA.

      • The bug that was fixed was recently reported by MilkMC and related to entities that were owned by players like wolves and ocelots. Thanks for the report Milk!
      • We updated the mods enemy biome override feature to ensure compatibility with LOTRmod Update 34. For this the biome list file, the enemy biome config files (default and extended version) and the map showing the default biomes for this feature have all been updated. Do note that the new files will only be created if there is no existing file on the server.

      Here's the new image file we now provide with v1.3.1:

      PB341 map enemy biomes

      PvP Mode mod - default enemy biomes map for LOTRmod PB34.1

      We are close to release of v1.4.0-BETA, a version that introduces compatibility support for a few 'Deathchest' plugins. This will mean the partial inventory drop feature will be compatible with plugins that make player drops upon death be stored in a chest. That version is expected to be released in a week from now. And meanwhile there is also serious progress in the work for v2.0.0. We expect that release in the course of October.

      Also note that Mevans endorses this mod. This means we can create a Wikia page here and add the PvP Mode mod to the list/template shown below.

      Officially supported mods:

      Lord of the Rings Mod
      Utilities: JoetaterNEI PluginPvP ModeSiegeMode

      Unsupported mods:

      Recommended 3rd party mods: FastCraft
      Mevans' other mods: The Lion King Mod

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    • To all who use or plan to use the PvP Mode mod with PvP Toggling enabled, this may be important for you. LOTRmod v34.2 has this new feature:

      + Added functionality to the /fastTravelCooldown command to allow servers to also specify the minimum cooldown

      This means the lotr.cfg now enables server onwers to set minimum cooldown time. This minimum time can relate to the timers used for the PvP Toggling. Servers can now choose to set their min and max cooldown timers to 5 and 15 minutes, or 2 and 5, or even 1 and 2, for instance.

      As we planned to provide this feature in the PvP Mode mod, I removed it from our planned list. Note that I also just added three relevant other features to that list!

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    • have you thought of including bounties as an exception of some sort in pvp free categories? maybe it'd be fun if players that chose to be immune to pvp still can get attacked if someone has a bounty on them, which would avoid players attacking other players for "no reason" (giving them one)

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    • What are you waiting on make yourself a mod page and get some self promotion for the mod. Btw it's a really good and well made mod which is very configurable.

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    • LordOropherMirkwood wrote:
      have you thought of including bounties as an exception of some sort in pvp free categories? maybe it'd be fun if players that chose to be immune to pvp still can get attacked if someone has a bounty on them, which would avoid players attacking other players for "no reason" (giving them one)

      Thanks for this suggestion. We discussed it in the team and please read our preliminary conclusions below:

      We discussed the way to deal with headhunting quests and PvP Toggling extensively in the past. Eventually we concluded it is always up to the player who accepts a quest to verify whether a potential target is available for PvP or not. This is independent of whether or not the PvP Toggling of the PvP Mode mod is used. Main factor determining the chances of a quester to get a chance to fulfill his headhunting quest is the behaviour of the target. With or without PvP Toggling, targets can remain hidden for a long time, or simply be absent.

      You basically propose to force PvP Mode ON for a player, as soon as an NPC-quest to hunt him or her is accepted. This would imply that players who choose to not be available for PvP can be forced into PvP whenever they decide to perform PvE and kill some NPCs. One could argue that it is their free choice not to PvE, but that goes fundamentally against the starting point behind the PvP Toggling mechanic, which is that players should have a full say in when they are available for PvP. With this mechanic, players who wish to not be available for PvP would also be forced to not engage in PvE in order to achieve that.

      Finally, we suspect that the main effect of the mechanic will eventually be that PvP focussed players will actively seek out and accept headhunting quests for players they know to be weak, unprepared or otherwise generally unavailable for PvP for whatever reason. This breaches the mod's objective to encourage and support a more level playing field, where players who are skilled and interested in PvP are encouraged to fight each other instead of preying on the weak.

      This all makes the proposed mechanic comparable to the proposal to force PvP Mode ON at night if a server enables PvP Toggling: the mechanic breaches the underlying basic notion of 'PvP Toggling', which is 'to support consented PvP'.

      However, as we do understand that there may be players and server staff willing to use such a 'headhunting override mechanic', we are willing to create a code issue to realise this. We will make only the quester able to PvP with the target and the PvP Mode of both quester and target forced ON for that purpose as long as the quest is active. It will be disabled by default.

      Do note that this may lead to unintended situations like:

      • Quests remaining active indefinitely, leading to PvP Mode forced ON bilaterally between players.
      • People can team up and accept quests to target a specific player and harass him or her.

      So, if you can think of ways to improve this mechanic, let us know.

      Finally let me respond to the suggestion that players are 'immune' to PvP when their PvP Mode is toggled (or forced) OFF. That is fundamentally incorrect and presents a false view on the intentions of the mod and many players using this. Instead of 'being immune to PvP', we advocate to describe the situation as 'not available for PvP', which has a fundamentally different connotation.

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    • Important update for some servers and potential users: v1.4.0-BETA!

      This update secures compatibility with two mods and a plugin, each of them having some mechanic that interferes with the partial inventory loss feature of the PvP Mode mod. This concerns:

      • Ender IO: This mod helps create special 'soulbound' items. When the server enables partial inventory drop, the mod can be made to disregard these items so they will not drop upon death, at all.
      • DeathCraft: The partial inventory drop will be disposed in the death chest created by this plugin.
      • Lootable Bodies: The partial inventory drop will be disposed in the dead body created by this mod.

      Please note that the DeathChest plugin is not and will not be supported. The mod team has explored ways to achieve this but concluded that this plugin is simply too buggy to justify the work required to get this done without a guarantee of success.

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    • We have released a new PvP Mode mod version v1.4.1-BETA, that ensures compatibility with LOTRmod v34.3! See the updated links in the first post.

      Server owners be aware to install this new PvP Mode mod version before you upgrade the LOTRmod to v34.3!! If you don't do this, there is a serious risk of server crashing.

      The reason for this is that in LOTRmod v34.3 the bug relating to player heads not dropping with headhunter modified weapons will be fixed. The PvP Mode mod had a feature that fixed that bug. In our v1.4.1-BETA that fix is undone.

      The server 'The Ring of Power' is now added to the list of servers using the mod.

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    • Reminder that Burning Sands is using the PvP Mode mod, albeit with PvP toggle disabled.

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    • We released v1.5.0-BETA. That version is the last sub-version before v2.0.0-BETA. It was made to cater for the needs of a few servers using 'soulbound'-like plugins/mods through addition of a '/soulbound' command. It also fixed a bug with the DeathCraft compatibility. I updated the first post and the mods wiki accordingly.

      I also renamed the server 'Lords of Middle-earth' to 'Darkness upon Middle-earth', and added 'Burning Sands - Masters of War' to the list of servers using the mod. Thanks Rayn.

      Some may notice all links to GitHub in the first post have changed and we moved to a domain called 'Lembas Modding Team'. I'll briefly explain why we did that here:

      As KCauldron, ForgeEssentials and SuffixForge are all non-supported/developed/maintained by their original authors, and we all feel confident about the way the PvP Mode mod is set up and how our team functions, and we all feel the urge to support the LOTRmod community with decent server utilities ... we decided to do the following:

      • Maht disbanded the slumbering Lembas Project, aimed to update KCauldron forks in order to support LOTRmodded servers.
      • Tim, author of SuffixForge, granted the PvP Mode mod team the rights to continue SuffixForge in a 'to-be-determined' fashion.
      • We decided to adopt the objective of creating a replacant for SuffixForge (not guaranteeing all features), including the most essential features of ForgeEssentials and the main plugins supported with KCauldron. This expands the scope of out work significantly for the future, but we are confident we can handle it.
      • We morphed from PvP Mode mod team into the Lembas Modding Team and moved out gitHub domain accordingly.
      • The PvP Mode mod will get one more dedicated release, v2.0.0-BETA. After that, the PvP Mode mod will be continued as a module of the serverside mod Lembas.
      • Lembas will be a highly configurable utility mod, in the same fashion as the PvP Mode mod. Features will be included gradually with priority for server management support and roleplay immersion (in line with the objectives of SuffixForge).

      Hope this clarifies things sufficiently fttb. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

      And yeah, I will create that dedicated page for the PvP Mode mod on this wiki soonish.

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    • You guys should also make a *new* community discord for the proposed Lembas Project/For the current PvPmode mod, just a thought.

      Btw, I'm hyped for v2.0.0 and beyond!

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    • Eventually we may do that. Without a constant inflow of ideas and suggestions in a flashy discord we currently aim to ensure we can deliver what we plan for though, so I am kinda reluctant to divert some of our focussed effort to processing a lot of discord noise. Most server owners have a direct contact with one or more of the mod team members and that secures sufficient, and channeled, controllable feedback for the time being.

      Note that due to limited availability the expected release period for v2.0.0-BETA has been adjusted to November.

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    • Oof.

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    • Any news on how v2.0.0-BETA is going or is it a halt?

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    • Currently, I'm very, very busy with university, and Mahtaran with school. So it's on halt, I think.

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    • Added Ilu Ambar to the list of servers using the mod and removed FoME from the list of servers using the mod, as that server has been discontinued.

      We can note that work on v2.0.0 has continued in past few weeks and all of us, and especially über-driving-force Mal, have been working on the mod again. The first milestone for that version is reaching completion. Keep fingers crossed for momentum to not decrease too strongly again in coming months. *crosses fingers*

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    • We just released a pre-release of v2.0.0 and invited all server owners / developers using the mod in our new "Lembas Modding Team" Discord server. People interested are invited to use the pre-release. The Discord server is private for the time being, so people can only enter when they're invited.

      Unfortunately we had to remove two server from the list of server using the mod as they were both discontinued recently: 'A New Dawn' and 'Masters of War - Burning Sands'.

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