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    09:35, November 11, 2018

    Hey, I have a idea for the mod, it's called marks. There are three kinds of marks, they work like banes, you must achieve them, and when achieved they appear near your name, Here are the three marks:

    Mark of War.

    The mark of war will be achieved by killing 1000 npcs, it will bring a boost of 10% to overall damage delt to npcs. It will not work in players.

    Mark of Trade.

    The mark of trade will be achieved by trading an item worth 10,000 coin. The mark will decrease 10% off all prices of trader npcs.

    Mark of Peace.

    The mark of peace will be achieved by completing 20 mini quests for 14 factions. It will grant 10% more alignment from quests.

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    • Like it but needs work

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    • Something very similar was proposed just very recently. Combine forces with the other poster instead of adding more noise to the noise please.

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