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    War looms in the South, Harondor once the Ancestral homeland of the Harnedor,  has been seized from Gondor, becoming a warzone between the Harnedhrim, and the Rangers of Ithilien. However, there lies an abbandoned isle, just west of Harondor, and South of Dol Amroth and Gondor. For it's location, it would provide and advantage for whichever side controlled it, leading to my arguement:

    I believe Tolfalas needs a bit of an update. With the new Corsairs of Umbar Sub-faction being introduced to the mod, I have noticed their camps spawn on not just the Corsair Coasts and Umbar, but also the Abandoned Isle of Tolfalas. As Harondor is the only biome that is both Contested Day and night with patrols and invasions everywhere, I believe we could give it some more life. Gondor can't let one of their bitter rivals, Umbar have the advantage. This would introduce a couple new structures to the mod.


    Pelargir, Gondor's finest navy goes Head to Head with Umbar. Spawning in patrols with 0-3 Lebennin Levymen and 1-3 Pelargir marines. However, without having a ranged unit, they are often backed up by Dol Amroth Archers

    Dol Amroth-

    The land of the Princes has always had a rivalry with Umbar, aiding the Marines of Pelargir. Dol Amroth would spawn more rarely than Pelargir marines and would spawn in patrols of 1-3 Dol Amroth Men-at-Arms, 0-2 Dol Amroth Archers, as well as 0-1 Swan Knights, each unit has a chance to be mounted.


    Already standing their ground in Tolfalas currently (As of 34.1), Corsairs, armed with both bows and melee like Elves, would spawn in patrols of 2-5.


    After pledging their true allegiance not to the Steward of Gondor, but Sauron instead, these Renegades would spawn in groups of 1-3. These Renegades would either offer quests to have you kill Gondorian Forces (Rather than Gondorian Soldiers because none spawn in Tolfalas) or just give you Generic Umbaric quests.


    Corsair Camp- Pretty straight forward, they already spawn in game, the page can be found here:

    Corsair Hideout- Well, I'm not sure if these would spawn here due to the fact they're supposed to spawn in the Corsair coasts which is more of a rocky and sandy Biome, the page is found here:

    Pelargir Shipwreck- These would consist of a Cedar, Lebethron, or Oak Planks, these would have a Gondorian crafting table on the inside, a chest with Pelargir gear, as well as a furnace. Outside the Shipwreck are 0-2 Pelargir tents, as well as a small campfire. Pelargir Commanders could be found in here, the only problem for this structure is how did they get a shipwreck in the middle of Tolfalas, if this really makes no sence, you could have a sub biome known as the Tolfalas Coasts which would have a chance to spawn these.

    Pelargir Camp- 1-3 Tents using white and blue wool (Colors of Lebennin), along with a Pelargir Commander. This would just be a replacement in case the Shipwreck (Above) would be in only on the coasts, otherwise, this is pretty straight forward.

    Abandoned Tolfalas Village- The name can be misconcieving, It's only 2-4 houses having a few Gondorian Renegades bound to them, so it's not truly abandoned.

    Dol Amroth camp- A small camp with 1 swan knight and 3 Men-at-Arms bound to it, as well as a Dol Amroth Captain. It would be White and Purple, the Dol Amroth colors.


    Corsairs of Umbar- Common

    Pelargir- Uncommon

    Dol Amroth- Rare

    Umbar- Rare

    Biome Changes-

    Just make it a bit bigger, and put a couple living trees, as it's all dead currently


    As Harondor is one of my favorite biomes, not because it's terrain or inhabbitants, but the fact that it is Contested, with you always on the edge of your seat watching your back. The island would be contested with Renegades, Corsairs, Swan Knights, and Marines (And maybe Umbaric Soldiers), and would be a warzone. The only setbacks would be that an Update like this Would take a while, Tolfalas is a pain to get to, and there isn't much lore on the Island itself. But regardless, I'm sure other people would enjoy an update like this, because it may pave a way for an upcoming Sea update.

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    • I agree with everything here. Great idea and very well written. Kudos!

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    • In concur, after discovering the Corsair Camps spawned on the island, I felt Pelargir should also, to combat them. 

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    • Eh... we really don't hear much about such conflicts, which I feel like is something Tolkien would have mentioned. Having Gondorians spawn on the island might be somewhat an overstatement of Gondor's strength, and it seems to me like having it be a secret Corsair outpost would be pretty cool.

      That being said, I like the shipwreck idea, and I'd love to see ruins, cave hideouts, and smuggler dens on Tolfalas in the future.

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    • True, I'd just like to see an abandoned place like Tolfalas have more life, as well as have another open conflict such as Harondor. 

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