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    Ok. So Heres the thing. In this mod, (And in servers) when you conquer a base or something it doesn't feel like its yours. Enemies will still spawn and it wil be the same biomes. What I Propose is that you add a mode that allow's you to conquer enemy land.

    So Say You want to get a bit of land. You grab a Certain item and maybe have requirement's such as maybe camps or A certain amount of troops. But Otherwise you want to. You Said  Certain item, Hold it Down for a good amount of time, like 20 Seconds or something and it conquer's a little chunk of the map, What this does is it changes the Chunks to your biome, but you have to be the one to add grass and everything. but once you do the land behaves naturally as the regular biome would. People Would Spawn and things. But as in the title, i called it a mode. I know you have something Similliar to this already(The golden banner claims) but this doesn't feel like anything at all. it should feel like an invasion of Territory. So maybe while your trying to spend 20 seconds of not being unterrupted, Waves of enemies will spawn until the 20 seconds is up, if you get hit once you will have to start over again. And You should make the mod restrict digging holes of building around things. So The Staff Of Lotr, i want this game to feel more and more like a War Against eachother as a constant Battle, And a Conquest mode will highly Contribute to that.

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    • Tbh, before I played the mod, i had always assumed that the waypoint system WAS this in addition to being a transportation method. I also thought the game was virtually the game Risk in middle earth. I thought it went something like this:

      When you start a new world, you may choose a faction, say Rohan.

      The middle earth map was MUCH much smaller,

      Each faction had a set number of waypoints, that was in their territory, and controlled by that faction.

      One cannot travel to or through enemy controlled points.

      One must fast travel by a road, meaning you actually pick what roads to take to get to your destination, and cannot go off a set path. This means one must make sure the path you took has all controlled points in allied hands.

      Each fast travel point has a marker, or building on it, with the banners of its respective faction. In order to control it, one must defeat any guards of those banners, which there will be about 20 per banner, and break the banner, replacing it with your own factions.

      Once all waypoints in an enemy territory are under your command, the enemy npcs will no longer spawn there.

      Occasionally, an enemy faction with direct access to an allied waypoint will attack that waypoint. A message will appear in chat telling of this invasion. Then the player can either go and defend against it or hope the set defenses stand. This means that one needs to defend their banners beforehand with hired troops, walls, etc. When the invasion happens, the player's computer will load the chunks that have the waypoint on them, and play out the battle even without sight of the player. If all the players banners are broken, a message in chat will say you have lost the waypoint. Occasionally, a faction allied with you may send a few soldiers in support of a waypoint under your control, while factions allied with your main enemy will send a few soldiers in support of a waypoint the player is trying to attack.

      The game continues until the player has neutralized all threats to their faction.

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    • Unoriginal and long considered a known no-go. A subject like this needs way more effort to be able to effectively add to the insights of the mod team.

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    • AlteOgre wrote: Unoriginal and long considered a known no-go. A subject like this needs way more effort to be able to effectively add to the insights of the mod team.

      So adding something like the ability to conquer land would be way too much effort than it is worth? Or is this post not detailed enough, I was just confused on what you wrote and wanted clarification. By the way I did not write this post I'm just curious.

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    • what not to suggest

      read it,

      that is all

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