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    18:28, September 23, 2018

    So they always tell you to start off with the jokes, and I spent a long time searching for one, so there you go.  I started walking around with no shoes.  And soon it became a hobbit.

    Anyways, I had a few suggestions for Mirkwood, that also involve Dol Guldur, and I have a few things to say about the Woodland Realm.

    Flora & Fauna

    First of all, Mirkwood has too much wood, and not enough mirk. I quote from ‘Flies & Spiders’ in ‘The Hobbit’ “Occasionally a slender beam of sun had the luck to slip in”. Basically, nearly the entire forest should be covered in over brush. It later says “Eventually it ceased all together”. Some more quotes are “There were black squirrels in the wood”. This means that there should be different sorts of squirrels. “The leaves that lay piled endlessly”. In the night, “Bilbo tried flapping his hand in front of his nose, but could not see it at all”. “The nastiest things they saw were the cobwebs: dark dense cobwebs with threads extraordinarily thick, often stretched from tree to tree”. The small 1x1 block cobwebs that are currently in middle earth will not do. “There were none stretched across the path”, says the narrator later on. Also, when the Dwarves do get caught with these webs, they can not get out. It requires a blade to break yourself out of these. I do not think that Sting should be the only way to break out of these. Also, when you get into one of these webs, spiders should come and rush after you, as they have caught you as their prey.

    Dwarf Speech

    Though off the topic of Mirkwood, I noticed that the dwarves use the word “confusticate” quite a bit, perhaps the great Mevans may add it into their speech bank?


    J.R.R. Tolkein uses the words ‘great’ and “giant” to describe the spiders. I suppose the tiny spiders currently in the mod could fit this description, however in Peter Jackson’s films we see ENORMOUS spiders. I believe that this is how Peter Jackson intended the spiders to be. Also we can inference that they were this size, as no spider the size of the small and medium ones in the mod could possibly wrap up a hobbit or dwarf single single handed. The tiny and medium spiders of Dol Guldur, and Mordor should be entirely cut out, as they are non-canon.

    The Woodland Realm

    This kingdom is underground, and much smaller than how it is in the mod. The fact that I can ride a barrel to the house of one of the Silvan Elves and slay it’s occupants is not at all canon. I should have to make my way through an entrance, to the underground kingdom of the Woodland realm.

    Dol Guldur

    Should be smaller, as it is only one fortress, possibly surrounded by camps and towers. Enough said.

    I hope that these minor suggestions sway the mind of Mevans the wise. Though quite simple, they do a great contribution to the realism of Tolkein’s ideas of Mirkwood.

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    • The tiny Spiders are not uncanon... they represent just slightly above average spiders. 

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    • They should then be a substancial minority as they are never mentioned as such.

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    • Peter Jackson's films are not considered canon. However for the darkness of the forest, maybe the leaves of mirk-oak could be non-trasparent. that would help without adding too much trees. In that darkness probably some bat will spawn, and that is written in the chapter. Another canon things can be adding stuff that appear out of the path. That would work the same as deads in dead marshes water, those corpses that appear and disappear. Elves, animals, a light, eyes in the night can appear  in the forest to distract you. Elves were not actually illusions but i think that's the only way to make them despawn when you try to reach them. Squirrels, if they drop their meat, that should be bad even when cooked, or just rotten flesh. The road could be interrupted in the poisonus river, so there is no bridge. small spider are seen by Bilbo on the top of the trees hunting butterflies, but i suppose they are normal spider. But if they are ungoliant's offspring, i suppose they aren't born enormous.

      for Woodland Realm and Dol Guldur, i think we should tolerate their dimension, otherwise would be difficult for players to find all the structures. However the island of Thranduil's hall can be a different biome with a fixed structure that can be coded similar to a dwarf mine (a part on the surface that allow to enter and the underground tunnels), and add houses and stuff in the underground part.

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    • Yes, they would be hard to code as real NPCs instead of illusions.  Mirk-oak leaves should definetely be transparent, and retextured to seem more ominous and perhaps dusty?  The chapter does say that they all longed for a breeze of wind.  Those squirrels amongst the other animals mentioned beneath the leaves should only drop rotten flesh.  All the good animals had already been taken out.

      I still don't think the miniature mirk and mordor spiders are at all realistic.  I was playing in a LAN world with my brother, and we were just having fun, hiring units and making war, when I decided to buy some Dol Guldur spider riders.   3 of the 10 were miniature little things, and could not possibly go to their full speed with an armour clad orc on their back.  I'm staying firm, the decendants of Ungoliant should be huge and mighty.  Not twice the size of a house spider.

      And I guess the woodland realm can stay, just needs to lose a lot of population, and should be more parties/picnics than houses, as quite a few of these would be the elves of the halls of KIng Thranduil.  There should be plenty of watchtowers.

      And Dol Guldur should just be smaller, and jam packed.  Or perhaps, there should just be a major structure.  Just need to ask someone on the structures forum to do such.

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    • the point in trasparency of leaves is that if they're not transparent, being in the forest would be like  being in a cave, so the canon darkness can be obtained, the texture doesn't matter in this aspect of absence of light. How much time ago did you hired those spider riders? as far as i know, now it's no more possible to ride the smallest spiders.

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