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    13:43, March 18, 2019

    I've been really annoyed by the fact that since im now King of angmar in this new Lotr server which came out about 4-5 days ago. I really just got paranoid by the fact that i couldn't attack with trolls that well during day light like when starting a war to take over someones claim and then your trolls turning to stone! Well im suggesting that there should be Troll armor kind of like how you put on a Mountable armor for a mount or saddle for them. You can craft these Troll armors yourself too but in Angmar Troll armor is very rare in chests and even for npc trolls roaming around and have a very low chance of dropping the sometimes. But the use for these would be so that it would make it possible to attack during day light with unit Trolls from angmar when having one you can also place it on a trolls armor slot the same way by equipping different things onto your troops and since they can attack in day that would mean War's would be easier for Angmar because their orcs are weak to be honest. There would be two different types of Troll armor one being Leather which is easier to craft and the Steel one which can be crafted from both Iron and Orc steel. The steel type is stronger as the leather is weaker and to make it fair these armor's can indeed break from too much damage and that would expose the trolls skin to sun light and they would turn to stone once more.

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    • I like this, and I don't.

      What I like

       Gives the evil side their ent.

       Allows you to armor them.

      What I Don't

      It seems to go against the nature of Trolls.

      If this were to be implemented, the trolls should still recieve a massive debuff in day time, part of the charm of the LOTR is the different natures at play.

      Perhaps Trolls should get an extra boost at night instead, to compensate. 

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    • Several things.

      I don't really see how armour can fit both a two-block high player, a 3-or-4 block Troll, and a twice as big Hill-Troll. It's not a "one size fits all" situation. It's armour.

      Leather armour: I don't really see how this would protect a Troll from the sun, unless it's some kind of full-covering mold thing that the Trolls fit into.

      As Munster said, there needs to be a debuff. Leather is very common, so imagine having a Troll, with slightly more health, that doesn't have any debuffs whatsoever. People complain about Trolls already. 

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    • Personally I see Angmar trolls more as oversized brigands and bodyguards rather than an invasion force. A good use for trolls would be for guards and use the orcs and wargs for soldiers. I’ve always understood that trolls were virtually useless against rangers anyway right?

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    • Yep. Trolls biggest weakness is arrows. Its like a fricking wall of pointy things pushing you back a ton!

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