• Hey all! This isn't a SUGGESTION, but it may be in the future! Tell me what you think! :D Any more ideas are appreciated!

    Now, I am here doing this because a lot of people are screaming about good/bad being unfair and overpowered

    Person #1) OmGGG!! ItS Net fer! Eeevel hez ol0g hi and good doesn't have anything so op! Nerf trolls and ologs!

    (Me) and Person #2) Rangers and Elves are unfair! Their invasions are almost 100% death, olog hai stand no chance against a literall machine gun of arrows, and when rangers are fracing INVISIBLE?!!? 101% unfairness! 

    SO! WE SHALL BALANCE MIDDLE EARTH! #balance #communism #everyonewillbeequal

    1. 1) Remove Rangers: this is going to be great for balancing, as finally haradrim, mordor, and angmar will FINALLY have a chance at anything. (and honestly, why the FRACK is there more ithilien rangers in harandor than in ithilien!?!) (and honestly, nobody likes rangers so, nobody will care)
    1. 2) all elves will be tiny. All elves will be the size of a baby hobbit child, and as of next update, if you pledge yourself to an elf faction, you will shrink down to be able to go under a half slab.
    1. 3) Olog hai and trolls will be slower. Olog hai and trolls are actually really big AND IT IS REALLY ANNOYING WHEN THEY ARE AS FAST AS A HORSE! So trolls and ologs will be as fast as a walking player, except ones hired by player SliixV3, which will be faster than a rohan horse since he is the bestest nicest Lotr minecraft mod player.
    1. 4) RABBITS: all rabbits in the mod will now be 5x5x5 blocks, and will all look like this
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    • but mevans is say NO TO CHAENG 2 POV!!!!111!!!! GR0ND DIZ N00B!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!!!

      (pl0x no gr0nd 4 me dis iz of be joke))

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    • I sltll frhrhirbnknr th44t 4ll menn ellvfes adnd hboois sldh bi flem41le

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