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    There are only 2 bosses in this mod, the hill troll chieftan and a mallorn ent. I am aware of the endorsed adventure "roots of the mountains" and expect new bosses for that realm but just let me say, why not more middle earth bosses? I have three suggestions, mumakil, horrors of melkor, and half-troll trolls. I would also like to ask what happened to my former discussion regarding this topic. Now, onto the in depth discription of the four boss ideas.

    Mumakil: These giants of the South Harad Forests have been long on the planned features list and now let me give a way to find and collect them, as well as ride them and including a new boss fight. Summon by placing 4 golden tauredain brick into a vanilla crafting table with 5 tauredain amulets (that are now dropped by tauredain shammans) in the shape of the TNT crafting recipe forms the active holy tauredain block which is a golden tauredain brick block carved with the head of a mumakil on each side. When placed on the ground in the far harad jungle it summons a single mumakil close by. The mumakil aproaches the block. The mumakil is wild and cannot be ridden, it does not attack the player unless attacked. When defeated it stops attacking and becomes rideable. It is 17 blocks high, 4 blocks wide and 19 blocks long. It has the health of a balrog and deals 5 damage with knockback I. 

    The horrors of melkor: The horrors of melkor are giants that where captured by melkor and experimented on, like tomented elves are in the case of elves and orcs, the horrors of melkor are the in-between state of giants and trolls/ogres. They are 4 blocks tall and 2 1/2 blocks wide as well as 1 1/2 blocks thick. They are like trolls but deformed and mutalated, red and orange in clour and scars and open wounds all over. They have loin cloths and carry an utumno warhammer or spiked troll log. They have the health of a hill troll plus a regular troll, or two hill trolls put together, and the damage and knockback of an utumno warhammer. They are summoned by corruption of utumno blocks which are made of corruption of utumno items found as rare drops by all utumno NPCs. 

    The half-troll trolls are further crossbreeds of half trolls and trolls by Sauron. They are summoned at sunrise and sunset by scenting a dirt/grass/mud block with a scent of the half-troll, now craftable with 4 troll bones, 4 half-troll bones (dropped by half-trolls) and a strong or potent torog draught. They are 3 blcoks high, 1 1/2 blocks wide and 1 block thick. They have the clours, sun immunity and face of the half-troll and the rest is of the normal troll. They deal the damage of their half-troll troll swords, (8 or 9) which they have a 50% chance of dropping. (more details on the sword later) They have the health of 1 1/2 - 2 hill trolls, and speed of a one headed troll. Their sword deals 8 or 9, can only be carried by a player and already has a mighty or legendary modifier on it.

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    • "giants"?

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    • No.

      Mumakil: will be added later on, and I hope they won't be bosses.

      The Horrors of Melkor: No giants. The only mentions of giants in the LOTR Legendarium are in the Hobbit when "Bilbo ... saw that across the valley the stone-giants were out, and were hurling rocks at one another for a game, and catching them..." and a local legend in Gondor about a giant named Tarlang who fell and his neck became Tarlangs Neck. The waypoint of the same name is in the mod. As to ogres, there are no ogres in LOTR. Not at all.

      Half Troll Trolls: If the Half-Trolls had actual trolls, they would be just as any other troll in the mod, and used semi-commonly in war. However, I hope they are not added at all. The Half-Trolls are powerful enough as is. They definitely do not need literal trolls on top of rhinos.

      People, for Christ's sake, do your research before putting out suggestions like these. The amount of either unspecific/uncreative/uncreative or lore contradicting suggestions is getting a bit ridiculous. 

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    • Someone asked about it saying giants to I said giants, and yes there are ogres and no its not regular trolls it's one half-troll breeder with one troll to get a three quarters troll aka Half-troll troll.

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    • wrote:
      Someone asked about it saying giants to I said giants, and yes there are ogres and no its not regular trolls it's one half-troll breeder with one troll to get a three quarters troll aka Half-troll troll.

      That took quite a bit of deciphering, but no. there are not ogres. Everywhere I look says they're existence is denied or doubted. As to the Half-Trolls, if that is so, then it is even less so that it would be a boss. Not even mentioning that there are no trolls in the South, a 3/4 troll would logically be no more troll than a troll of the North, and if those are not bosses, why should these be?

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    • Changing half-troll troll weapon to a 8 damage knockback I sword, no more legendary or mighty.

      Ok no ogres, but there are trolls. The half-troll trolls have the assets of both troll and human, so they are more powerful.

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    • Also half-trolls could have been bred from hill-trolls

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