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    First part is unoriginal and second part makes the suggestion unspecific.
    22:49, February 22, 2019

    Rug improvements, will add a new rugs for the following: alligators, rhinos, Aurochs flimngos, swans, boars, and horses. It will also enable you to craft 1 string and the rug of your choice to make a wall pelt(it will mostly be for smaller animals flimngos, swans, and boars etc.)

    Another possibility would be a weapon modifier (Hunter not to be confused with Head hunter.) That works like a looting but for rug drops only.

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    • I'd like too see Aurochs, but the others are very questionable to me. Who would want a swan rug? That seems pointless, it's small, and swans are easy game. I also wouldn't want to be stepping on alligator skin either, maybe they could drop alligator hide for armor, but not rugs. Concerning wall pelts, a boar might be possible, but the others are just quite silly. 

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