• Welcome back my friend!

    How have you been all this time?

    Contact me via Discord or Facebook if you please.



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    • Oh, and do note thgis new server: Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda. A server where you and I aren't even the oldest kids on the block. ;)

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    • Thanks for the welcome. It's just a short stop by. I don't have really time to be active here again. I just wanted to know, how the mod developped in the meanwhile. Not much, but quite nice stuff added since I left here.

      What I am really longing for, is the implementation of the big named towns and other places, like Moria, the Shire villages etc.

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    • Ye, I get that. But I'm afraid we can wait for ages before that will happen. In the meantime you may consider to join a stable, long term focussed server. There are quite a few out there, among others the new hARDA ofc, ... and the one ye aulde farte manages. Maybe care to start working on them with the easy-going folks on Ilu Ambar? I'm sure there will be more like you and me willing to help out carving out Hobbiton for instance. People are working on places like Rivendell, Belegost, Fornost, Rhunost, Erebost, ah no, that's Erebor, ... but you get the point. All survival building, and the occasional roleplay, so I think you'd find a seriously enjoyable time in that community. ;)

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    • ... you'd find a seriously enjoyable time in that community. ;)
      Sounds promising, I am tempted. As the old hARDA server is gone, that I used to play on, I've got to start anew and I could do this as well on your server. And as you are the one administering it, I am sure, this is well done.

      The only point is, that I'd like to start as a Hobbit pacifist again, and I'm not sure, if it's possible to work off the -200 Gundabad alignment, you get in advance. I have no experience with that new "regions of influence mechanics", have to try this out in single player before. I must probably kill a lot of good NPCs first.

      Sorry, I can't contact you on Discord or on Facebook, because I don't have accounts there and also don't want to create one.

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    • I'd love to see you in our community Ffets as you would so fit in with the many elder players we have, but you're basically requesting to set aside two major starying points for the server regarding preset alignment and Discord presence. I will discuss it with the core staff team and get back to you here. I tend to look for possibilities and I see some here as well.

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    • No problem. I'll create a discord account, if necessary, if that's the platform, you discuss server issues. And getting my preset alignment to positive with all factions might also offer a quite interresting challenge to me.

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    • Discord is indeed the platform for all servers to share almost anything server related nowadays.

      We both see options to support a pacifist role and to allow players to apy for our whitelist without Discord btw. But joining Discord will make community life for you as a player much more interesting though.

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    • Well Ffets, we now support whitelisting via our thread @ if you do not wish to take a Discord account. We also agreed on how we could support a pacifist role in the true spirit of the humble hobbit: Players who chose such a role will not get any preset alignment, except with their own faction, and will get forced PvP Mode OFF, so they and any hired units they have cannot engage in any combat with other players or their hired units, except during Sieges supported with the SiegeMode mod. We're looking forward to welcome you.

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    • Oh, that's very kind of you, that you are allowing me to play as a pacifist. Probably, I will only hire some shirriffs to guard the roads in the shire. As they have forced PVP off they are just for looks then. I'm not sure, how they react facing hostile NPCs (free spawned, not hired ones).

      Meanwhile, I have read a lot of your documents of the Servers/Ilu_Ambar server. Sounds quite resonable. As you are using discord as your forum, I will join there, and hand in my application there for the whitelist. But first, I've got to update my minecraft to the newest mod and forge version and try it out.

      Thanks a lot.

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    • Good to hear you still consider to join after reading those walls of text.

      The PvP Mode only affects the capability of players and their hired units to engage in combat with other players and their hired units.

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    • Hey bud. What's keeping you? We have players new to minecraft and the LOTRmod joining, some even as a Hobbit in the Shire. They may need some guidance. ;)

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    • What's keeping me?

      • I wrote a lot of updates to the wiki recently.
      • I should work on my campsite instead of sitting in front of the computer. At Easter, I have a big event here with 400 guests and I should get prepared for that.
      • In exactly two weeks I am going to marry finally after being steadfast for 55 years now.
      • My soon-to-be-wife tells me all that frequently and she's right.
      • I wanted to test my minecraft/mod update first.
      • Nevertheless, I'll apply soon. Probably, I won't have got that much time to play.
      • I hope, that answers your question.

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    • Oh dear, Wiki and real life ... :)

      Ye, ofc I noticed your return doing work many of us should have already completed in past 6 months.

      Congratulations on your marriage!

      Eh ... enjoy! ;)

      I've been married for over 23 years now. It's a bit hard to recall the vibes of a fresh marriage, but I do remember that period as one of the most enjoyable phases in my life. I wish you all the best.

      You'll be welcome regardless how often and much you'll play ofc.

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    • Thanks a lot!

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    • A FANDOM user
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