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    19:58, March 7, 2019

    I'd like to suggest the idea of bone weapons as a low tier, cheap set of equipment (much like bone armor is), that can be utilized by new players with a handful of bones from their first few orc kills. They'd be especially effective in the hands of cheap hired units that need maxed weapons, seeing as bones are extremely easy to come by, a bone weapon would be incredibly affordable for people who like a large quantity of units. Bone armor already exists in the mod, so why not finish the set? The list of weapons bone would have includes (perhaps), a mace/club, a spear, a dagger, sword, and maybe even a pike. If this were to be added, Gundabad Orcs and Rhudaur Hillmen would spawn with them, seeing as both widely utilize bone armor already, and it fits the primitive theme that both groups tend to abide by.

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