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    09:30, March 8, 2019

    The Title say says it all: Make it so that Slabs and Stairs can be placed sideways. This would make the mod better than vanilla Minecraft (even though it already is by a long shot). Would be very useful for building

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    • Yep. I have been begging for this FOREVER. (on the minecraft wiki anyways.) I call it VERTICAL slabs and stuff, because that way you could FINALLY have thinner walls. :I Kudos, even though sadly i don't think Mevans will even lookk at this :(

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    • This has already been dealt with a bunch of times.  Changing slabs so that they can be placed sideways would take a LOT of effort.  If I remember correctly, Mevans has said that he is not directly opposed to this concept, HOWEVER, the effort that would go into this could be used elsewhere, and this has been suggested at least 3 times as far as I can remember.

      - S'moregoth, (a.k.a "He of the Currently Forgotten Password")

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