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    Idea: Add a couple additional arrow crafting recipes that make sense and would add another way for archers to get themselves a stockpile of ammunition.

    New recipe idea 1: Bone arrows. Let us turn bones into bone fragments (different amount per type of bone like how bonemeal works)*, and then use those as an alternative to flint. Perhaps to create bone fragments, bones can be put into a grindstone or via some other method like a crafting recipe. This method, I feel, is good for people who like the roleplay aspect in regards to orcs and other primitive factions who would likely utilize bones for things like that. 

    New recipe idea 2: Nuggets. Let use use nuggets of the various ingots of middle earth to make arrows instead of flint. It'd give purpose to all that copper/tin and bronze people have, and even iron if you have nothing better to do with it. This method is a little more expensive, but not a problem for the more avid miner or looter who comes across many a useless bronze sword or some such. No longer would it be useless however, as he could unsmelt it and make himself some arrows. 

    New recipe idea 3: Obsidian shards. Allow obsidian shards to be turned into arrows too, it's far from impractical if you're desperate enough for arrows and happen to frequent the jungles of Far Harad (and don't prefer the 1000 paper cuts tactic that is the blow gun). 

    • Possible bone fragment yield per bone type:

    Hobbit - 1

    Dwarf - 2

    Orc/Man/Elf - 3

    Warg - 4

    Troll - 5 or 6

    Thank you for reading my idea, it just kind of popped into my head while I was on the hunt for some arrows, and I came across my small treasure trove of useless ingots, obsidian, and bones!

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    • You can make arrows with Kine and Aurochs horns.

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    • 1. Bone arrows would work better with The shaft being bone.

      2. It’s not useless, you can sell that stuff. and the nugget would be too heavy to be aerodynamic and work well.

      3. No, not necessary. The Taurethrim don’t use bows. Nor do they use arrows. The blowgun is what they use.

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    • oh, I thought it was the shaft and the head.

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    • Steel, iron and bronze are used historically as materials for arrowheads. Maybe a crafting recipe for such kinds of arrowheads using crafting tables?

      Anyways, you need to also think of a way to get that feather (or plume) for that arrow. Perhaps give shears the extra ability to shred chickens of their feathers.

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