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    20:29, April 28, 2019

    Sorry. That comment was kinda over the top. Secondly, I agree with what you're saying- I will do my best to be a model user and avoid such conversations. 

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    (Ps- i did remove myself from the mod page, so no need to do that).

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    • First off, I'm sorry. I got sorta irrationally angry reading over that thread, and I do regret being that harsh in the reason for removing your status.

      However, I didn't promote you so that you could use being a chat mod in order to back up an argument. You're going to encounter people who cannot help but continue arguing with you regardless of how well or ill founded their argument is. In future, consider what implications posting a response will have on the course of the conversation.

      Having arguments like this is something that we all have to go through; I certainly remember times when I've been embroiled in issues like this. I'll consider restoring chat mod to you (not immediately) if you can rise above people like Arcen as you interact with people on the wiki.

      I can talk to you tomorrow about it if you'd like, but I'd recommend sleeping on this one before you make up your mind on things one way or another.

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    • Thanks.

      See u tommorrow.

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    • If you were a new recruit and saw Arnold Schwarznegger facing you on the battlefield, would you fight him or run? Same logic applies.

      Also, of course, uncreative, no rationale, undetailed.

      arcen posted that,  i don't like him.  he was mean to jthemarvelfan and he is mean other places.

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    • "mean in other places" doesn't justify any sort of action on the wiki. We won't take any disciplinary action against any wiki users unless they break the rules on the wiki. Facebook, Twitter, other video games, etc. don't count.

      11:44, April 28, 2019 (UTC)
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    • i meant other places on the wiki.

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    • I've talked to Arcen, he's aware of what will happen if he becomes too combative.

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