• Hello, We are working on creating a new lord of the rings based modpack server for technic. We've got big plans and want to make sure we've got all the permissions we need for the mods we use, as we feel strongly about making sure everyone gets credit for the amazing mods they've created. Would it be ok if we used your Lord of the Rings mod and labeled you as the creator of it in our permissions page? Thanks a ton for considering us to host your work. I saw your mud wiki's page of questions that need answering and took the time to fill it out Motivations: Well this is quite an easy question, my team is creating a server for lotr as the one we were previously on had tremendous issues. I played as Sauron on that server and led the entirety of the evil faction, now, we are looking to correct those issues and create a better experience for players. Differentiation: We plan on utilizing lotr as a foundation for our entire modpack, but also planning on filling out the rest with mods like Are Magica II and Mine Fantasy II. Our modpack will be more role play based than any others we could find, but with the mods to actually make it enjoyable for all. Responsibility: Me and my team are entirely devoted to building a server with a better experience for the entire player base, we plan on running it for many years to come. Time: Time is no issue, we are all devoted players and already have a huge player base asking us when the pack will be ready (most of these are from the previous server we left). Money: No issue, my co-owner will be financing the venture but we will also be hosting donations Technical knowledge: 100% under control, I have a devoted team and we are somewhat new to this, but we also have a few experienced team members who have been staff on other servers before. Adequate hardware and network bandwidth: Again, under control by the other co-owner who will be controlling finance. Sincerely, Future Hopeful Owner of Middle Earth: Coming of War - Sorry if this isn't the right place, it was very difficult to find any contact information.

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    • You could ask here if you want to, although you don't need permission to use this mod or any other mod for that matter. It will likely take months or even years to get a reply so I would advise you phrase it something like this "we're using your mod, let us know if you want us to stop".

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