• its new update v35.2 how I can ubdate 

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    • Check the start page. There's this part:

      The latest mod version is:
      Update 36.5
      for Minecraft 1.7.10
      Recommended Forge: 1558
      See changelog for recent changes.
      The latest Renewed mod version is:
      Note: the Renewed version is in early development and lacks many features of the full 1.7.10 mod, which you can download above.
      Renewed-2.0 - CurseForge
      for Minecraft 1.15.2
      Recommended Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.31
      See changelog for recent changes.
      alternate download - Mediafire

      If downloading on Firefox, make sure your file is a .jar (not .zip) else it will not work properly!

      It includes the link to the newest version. Quit the game, remove

      LOTRMod v35.1.jar

      from your minecraft mods folder, or whatever version you are currently running, download the new version, put it into that folder, and restart the game.

      And voila! updated!

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