• I've been thinking about a more convinient way of finding players, one of my ideas was a messege from scouts if any enemy player starts his conquest. For example, if I am a player, who pledged to Woodland-Realm Ill get a messege in chat, saying:

    "Dol Guldur started a conquest in the Mirkwood forest!"

    "Legions of darkness, under the command of Player1 launched an attack in the Mirkwood forest!"

    "Dol Guldur Orcs continued the invasion of Mirkwood forest" etc.

    I think it would make sense to have that messege popped up in chat, so we can have a more convinient way of defending the territories. Perhaps, if the player was killed during the conquest, conquest will lose some of it %. For example if Dol Guldur player was slain by Woodelven player it will lower the conquest of the area where Dol Guldur player was.

    Besides that, I think it will be awesome if Player can pay some money to the npcs for info about the biome he enters. For example, Gondorian Player. who pledged Gondor and has over 1500 aligmient with it, enters the Ithilien and pays Ranger NPC 500 coins for scout news and receives a messege:

    "Our scouts have seen - Sauron1002, NazgulBoy22 and OrcLover533 in this area, be on guard, commander!"

    It means, that right now, in Ithilen biome there are 3 enemy players, which allows Gondorian player to scout Ithilien for some pvp interaction. 

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    • top tier playernames XD

      Looks great, though with title considered a form of scout NPC delivering this message may be more appropriate, or in some circumstances trained birbs carrying messages. (pidgeons as are classic, thrushes, crebain, perhaps even flamingos (more likely adding of parrots who could give a "recording" of it (stated above head rather than note item))

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    • Though 500 coins seems a tad expensive for simply a run down of who all been through the area... like if you are a commander of note (1000 align) faction military units should respond without charge expected, seedier civilians (these being informants) may wish for pay yet, but most with the knowledge would give it to a ranking officer without expecting payment. similarly it should be relatively low costs if any in allied factions, and revealing locations of common enemies available with neutral factions.

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    • Maybe instead of paying someone to give you information you could higher a scout. The scout could not be a fighting unit and instead would dissapear every once and a while and come back with the information.

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    • A scout unit that “teleported” around to different players within a certain radius of the owner and reported back with information about nearby players would be neat! It could probably use some already in-place mechanics from travelling merchants and from tracking a bounty*)

      It could be a mode available for the pre-existing scout-like units (Wood-elf Scouts, Galadhrim Wardens, Rangers) in the game which would limit it to certain factions only, but would also be a point of uniqueness for those factions. I’m not sure if evil has any similar units but they could easily be added.

      *I believe if you talk to the NPC who issued you a bounty killquest they will give you information on where the player was last seen.

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