• Well. I hate the fact that there’s no Bree. You can’t travel in a LoTR world if there isn’t Bree. I died because you haven’t added it in. They can use hoes, axes and shovels. They would be hobbits and men. Traders inside inns and stalls. Warriors have iron spears, daggers and swords and vanilla or (up to u) bows. Hobbits would be like the shire’s hobbits but more peaceful and different lines. The men would be a mix between Dùnedain and Dunlendings but look down upon the Dùnedain.

    Allies: Hobbits

    Freinds: Dùnedain

    Enemies: Mordor, Dol Guldur

    Mortal Enemies: Angmar, Gundabad

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      • Anything actually mentioned in Tolkien's writings on Middle Earth that would still be present in the Third Age, including all races, factions, characters, regions, structures, weapons, food and non-food items, animals and plants as these are all planned already and have been suggested far too many times before.

      What Not to Suggest

      EDIT: That includes Bree

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    • Soz. I’ll go through the FAQ again.

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    • You might want to start a Fandom Account

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