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    i tried to create a own forge server on forge-1.7.10- and I added some mods:

    CustomNPCs, backpack mod, Dragon Mounts Mod, Mo Creatures, Fastcraft, Millenaire, Lord of the rings, worldedit

    So with all mods exept the lord of the rings mod the server is running totally fine. My Connection is good, no TPS Lags or FPS lags. But If I add the Lord of the Rings mod I get some interval Lags (maybe TPS lags ?) and it is not really nice to play. With just the lord of the rings mod as a single mod on the server it is the same lag like I said.

    LG Lenin

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    • Well, Idk too much about the technical side of this, but to reduce lag, change a few settings. Turn graphics from fancy to fast, lower biome blende, turn off clouds, entity shadows, and particles, lower render distance and max fps. Makes everything look pretty sucky, but lag be gone

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    • Mhhh, I meant the TPS, not the FPS lags. I think I can't fix TPS lags with turning the settings down.

      I don't if it is TPS because the mobs are lagging in a 1 second interval and there is no massage like "Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running ***ms or *** ticks behind"

      And it is just with the LOTR mod like I said. with all other mods it's not lagging a bit, but with just the LOTR mod there are these "interval lags"

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