• SnowBrickBug

    This recipe uses four bricks as input.

    Hello everybody!

    I am using the newest version of the Lotr-mod and also the new version of the Not-enough-items extension of Malvegil, which is really helpful in my eyes.

    As I went through all the recipes, I noticed, that some of the recipes seemed to use a stack of four items instead of one, as they should.

    Therefore, I suspected a bug in the NEI plugin and contacted the ranger, but he found out, that it is a bug in the lotr-mod code:


    The mod code uses a stack of four.

    Strangely enough, the game doesn't care for that number. The recipe works like intended and takes only one brick as input. Even if you put in a full stack of bricks and a full stack of snowballs, it uses only up one brick per snowball, even when you right-click to craft.

    It seems, that minecraft doesn't care for this number, and I woulnd't have noticed it, if not NEI would have displayed it.

    Btw. it's not the only occurence in the mod, several brick recipes are displayed like that.

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