• We should be able to completely stop enemy respawns when we hit certain level of conquest, and also enemy respawn should get lower and lower as Conquest rises.

    This should be configurable by the server-admin via the config file, so people who like it just the way it is now don't panic.

    It would be even better if the mod could manage to flip respawns to the attacking side, maybe even replace structures with new faction? No idea how hard this would be to implement, or how desireable, but when it's configurable by the admin, I don't think anybody can complain about it.

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    • I would kudos this. But. Quite frankly, I have no idea what your talking about.

      You typed this well, but I don't have the latest version, so really what I'm posting here is just a meaningless answer that could have been shorter.....

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    • yeah,sorry, I sometimes write incoherently.

      I give an example of my suggestion:

      You are Wood Elf, pledged, and you start killing mobs in Dol Guldur. This causes Wood Elves to spawn where you're fighting if your actions raise the "Conquest rating" for that area.

      But then you get bored, or busy, and can't attack in Dol Guldur for 2 days - the Conquest rating decays over time and there wont be any Wood Elves left in Dol Guldur.

      I would like a config-setting, that allows you - IF your Conquest rating goes high enough, that Wood Elves take over this territory: No more Spiders and Orks spawn, just Wood Elves.

      We should be able (as Server Owners or running it locally) to chose whether we want real Conquest, that lasts - until an enemy Player does something against it, or that always decays (like it's currently).

      Maybe it would even be possible to switch the structures (from the Mod, not Player-creations) to the attacking side, i.e. replace Dol Guldur Ork Camps with Wood-Elven camps, and their towers and smithies also.

      Or maybe a command for Operators. like eg. /Conquest replace-structures Dol-Guldur WOOD_ELF

      but of course this only should apply to all chunks with Conquest over 1000 or some high number.

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    • I guess the structure replacement can only be done by Ops, not automatically, because it could cause big lag on some servers while it's doing the replacing...

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    • I understand the general idea of conquest (though I don't have that version, not to mention my graphics card malfunctioned) and I like this idea, especially since it can be toggled. So good idea.

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    • simple implementation and solution: once the Conquest hits eg. 1200, or some really high number, it wont decay until players actively work against it. (should be configurable in lotr setting of the mod)

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