• As some of you may be aware, the Minecraft youtuber Vintagebeef has recently started a let's play of this mod. The first one from a larger channel in years. You can find out more information on the mod's Facebook page.

    And now, it seems that Paulsoaresjr has also started a let's play. Some of you might recall that he had started one five years ago, but abandoned it when he stopped playing Minecraft. But now he's started up a brand new series, in which he plans to follow the Fellowship's journey to Mordor.

    Here's a link to the first episode:

    Hopefully this one lasts longer than the one from 2014. Show these guys some love and watch their series. This mod is criminally underated and has deserved this kind of exposure for years!

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    • I just started watching both of their series!

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    • VintageBeef's series died :(

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    • wrote:
      VintageBeef's series died :(

      Unfortunately correct, there's so much he could've done but he ended the series instead.  Same with PSJ's series. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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