• Once again here for a suggestion!

    This suggestion is about Hobbit bandits! But not traditional bandits!

    Hobbits bandits will not be common violent thieves, but rather simple hobbits who like silverware.

    They will not be known as "bandits", but rather, Sackville Baggins's. All of them will have this last name, but will otherwise have normal first names, and do normal hobbits things.

    If you, however, carry any sort of dining items, such as Rolling-pins, Plates, Mugs, or the yet-to-be-added silverware, they may approach you and steal a few of them! Somewhere between 2 - 7 of all the items, (I.E, if you have 8 plates and 8 mugs, they will steal 4 mugs, and 3 plates. Whereas, if you have 8 plates only, they will steal all but one).

    After they have stolen the items, they will walk (or run, if you saw them) off a small distance, and start vigorously smoking/eating/Drinking to pretend as though they did nothing.

    If you were to approach them, and speak to them, two boxes will show up. The first will be to ask them to give your stuff back, the other will be to ask if they saw someone with stolen silverware.

    If you choose the first, the answer will depend on your alignment.

    (0 - 9 shire alignment) "stolen? How could you blame me for such a thing!/Stolen? I'll call the Shirriffs!

    (10 - 99) "hmm? Oh no my friend, I've stolen no silverware, that sounds more like what one of those Baggins would do!"

    (100 - 249) "oh, yes. I dearly apologise! Here, have them back" (gives you half or less of what was stolen).

    (250 - 499) "oh, I'm sorry! I must have caught something from the Baggins! Here, take it back" (gives everything).

    (500 - 999) "Oh, I'm so sorry! Here, take it all back! And take some mead/ale/cider as an extra apology!" (Gives everything, and a mug of ale, mead, or cider).

    (1000 - 1999) "Oh yes, I'm so very sorry! Here, take it back.....and take this good as an extra apology!" (Gives everything, as well as 3 - 9 common shire food)

    (2000 - 2999) "oh, I'm terribly sorry! Take it all back, and take this pipe and pipeweed as an extra apology!" (Gives all the stuff back, as well as a random non-magic pipe and 6 - 18 pipeweed).

    (3000) "oh yes, I'm terribly sorry! Please take it back! And take these coins as an extra apology!" (Gives everything back, as well as a few coins). ____________________________

    If you ask if they know who stole it, they will either say the Baggins stole it (0 - 500 shire alignment), or they will confess (1000 - 3000 alignment).

    Sackville Baggins will have an uncommon chance to spawn.

    Thanks for reading! Comments and additional features are welcome! Hope you have a good day! Seeya!

    P.S: Sorry about how it looks, I'm on my phone as usual.

    Happy days :)

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    • It is a very curious and original suggestion, the truth is that I like it hahahaha kudo for you.

      Sorry for bad english x_X

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    • Thanks! It started as a joke on another thread, but it got a few Kudos, and I started to think that the Sackville-Baggins's need a better representation. I hope this gets added, fingers crossed.

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    • This should totally get added and if you ask any other hobbits nearby they will tell you who did it and if the bandit says they didn't do it then they will call them a lier

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    • I like this idea very nice, and funny

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    • A FANDOM user
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