• Palantirs - blocks with the function of viewing the territory of Middle-earth in a radius near the palantir. The radius is approximately 100-200 blocks. Their function is similar to switching the gaze to observer mode with Minecraft 1.8, only the player’s body continues to stand looking at the palantir. The player’s gaze moves within the radius of the palantir. The first is stored in Isengard. The second is in Minas Tirith. The third is in Minas Morgul. The fourth is located in Valinor on the island of Tol Eressea (when Valinor is added). All of them are in secret dungeons, except for the fourth. Since the palantir is an extremely powerful artifact, it will have a long reboot time, approximately 1 game week. When using the palantir, the With and Nausea effects are applied to the player with a probability of about 10-15%. They can be improved (by something), and this will give a larger viewing radius. A player with a more advanced palantir can subordinate another player with a less improved palantir. This will be a manipulation of his mercenaries on his behalf. You can remove this effect from yourself only by getting rid of the palantir. This is almost a cheating ability, so it will be available only with the gigantic power of the palantir and will take a very long time (from 3 game months). This will be done by a special mercenary for a huge fee, but it is at your discretion. Also, one player can sell the palantir to another. And the second player becomes its owner. To do this, one of the players buys a contract form from a special unit of his faction. The seller and the buyer sign it in turn, and the tack is executed on the buyer. After the sale, the palantir remains equally improved. The contract may be violated and become invalid if the buyer does not pay money or the seller does not provide a palantir. Also, when using, the palantir will glow. Palantir does not burn in fire and lava. And the particles that he has are like particles of smoke from torches.

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