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    #title:Serve the Great Eye!
    #By OneBehindTheHair
    Hoi, you slug!
    The ranks of the Great Eye need good, strong lads for the war. Unfortunately, we must settle for half-trained snaga-rats like yourself. Now don’t stand slavering there! Get your wretched hide down to Udûn! We have ways of making soldiers out of maggots, if they know how to follow orders. Come down! We’ll brand you with the mark of the Eye, and if you don’t leg it down here quick we’ll brand you far less pleasantly. We have little need for deserters in our ranks, but your head would make an excellent example for the others!
    Come down to Udûn, maggot! Lugbúrz is marching to war!
    Been a while since I tried writing a lore text. This one was fun.

    When Gandalf said that Mordor was drawing all evil things, such as Gollum, I feel like he definitely meant something far more mystical, and not that Barad-dûr's propaganda department was targeting random creatures for a drafting program. On the other hand, maybe Gollum picked up one of Uncle Sauron's "I want you!" posters, and felt a strong patriotic urge to enlist in Mordor's military.

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    • Isn't Udun utumno

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    • It's also the area between the Black Gate and the Isenmouthe in Mordor.

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    • Yes and as it says in the mod's waypoint and the appendix's of LoTR books that it was named in imitation of Morgoth's Fortress.

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