• Dear Mr MilkMC,

    My Name is Tim (aka Maglor_Telrunia on TheSeconServerThatWontRuleAnything) I'm writing you because I need your Help.

    I havent been on the Server for a longer time (3 months) and so my base got naturally erased from the Map.

    But as it is in your power to rule over the Servers Nature as a mighty admin, I ask you if you please can restore my base, my humble Kingdom, my Product of Fantasy and Creativity, my Digital Baby I have been working on over the past 3 Years.

    If you should decide to help a poor soul, you can find the Choords in your private mail on the Servers Mailbox. (to keep it hidden from courious eyes)


    Tim aka Maglor

    ps: I currently am not able to use the discord, otherwise I would have choosen that much easier way...

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