• Trying to start the world and it does not show up as an option in other worlds. 

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    • Here is a log but it is gibberish.. 

      ‹       “Mo›@†ï‘ò¶·öÂvmn©1ö"/È1„@U|LìÅË’°ë˜ðëK¢¶Q*YÍqfç}f4ïìaÚÖÄ6õ{tWgL\ß îm´¥˜Ø¢ƒ„ÖFÎAÑD    ­l„y~vwB÷uR²F â &‘jö lxñvù¢`óHÔì3oª ɾŒÉk²JQŸT룒—ĈpR“.éùŽÆþÎwÜÊ_$z°X[ɆH"¸HÍõ #í©8ÓÞ­Óšê´*ô$œi˜²$L÷~=×i˜rÊ^uþ±`dLj—ÓÐc©ãU~}SùÎZ§õÀ    I—ÖÄ¢ýºb—%udvdÙ­ß“ªaq\Štéí
      ©]YùǍUì-Vèf0m°ÄF†6Õð»Ì8%»Þdå«ý× ›C[ ÍD¶}»xÈ\}„lšƒ(ÑŠåmÖ¾ Õ …öï!½½Ø2Hª¬UP~b„Ù•6a£3Fc¤ S‡äeΛb//2Å3ù2ÿ ALAý/Ç:¹J8¼ýÏÀ‘G7-/?!½RC§G…°¦i¿Ë§¶>:U¾QÍããÐéËùÙ/ZjGéž  

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    • That's a zip file. You have to unzip it first to get a readable log. Also let's keep this conversation at the other thread.

      MilkBucket MilkMC Try restarting your game, Fandom User.MilkBucket

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    • A FANDOM user
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