• I know a decent amount of Java, and I am fairly certain there are a lot of others that know more code than I do that are not currently part of the mod team. Is there any way for us to help you and Mevans implement current features, especially in updating to 1.15, so that it is expedited? Or do you think the mod team want to do it all on their own, and we should just let them know of bugs?

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    • I guess you found me through my YouTube series. Thanks for watching.

      Surprise surprise, I am actually very involved in chemistry research, but not directly involved in the development of the mod.

      For the past eight years, there's only been one coder for the mod -- Mevans, and I see no reason why this will -- or should -- change anytime soon.

      Even if you wanted to help, it's highly doubtful that you could help out much. Mevans is doing either a master's degree in mathematics (if I remember correctly) as he's developing the mod. Without this high level of mathematical knowledge, many of the mod's features wouldn't exist. Quoting Boyd:

      In case anybody is curious, the estimations made for the Mod to be translated 1:1 would be about 4 Lord of the Rings trilogies worth of characters, but then all of it is math equations, and if 1 answer is wrong, the entire thing fails.


      In short: this mod is Mevans' model railroad, and his main personal hobby, and he'd much prefer doing all the work himself.

      12:04, May 19, 2020 (UTC)
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