• I'm sure this has been suggested recently, but I wanted to take a spin at it. As you can see, I haven't thought of modifiers for all factions, so feel free to post ideas!

    Note: I know that the Mod is updating, and I'm not trying to impede that. I'm just hoping that this may be considered after it has updated.

    You can get these Modifiers after you've pledged to a faction. Once you pledge, one will appear in your inventory, and afterward you'll have a rare chance of finding others of its kind.

    Note 2: I'm not suggesting dragons be added. Any mentions of dragons are purely for when they are added.

    Without further ado, here are some of my (and others) ideas for faction specific modifiers!


    Dol Guldur: Curse of the Necromancer: Poisons any enemies who attack you. (NPCs who use spears, pikes, or ranged weapons are unaffected. Trolls, Ents, and Huorns also remain unaffected).

    Rohan: This would basically be a bane, but it would appear on a weapon that has a certain number of mounted kills. It would add +4 damage when the user is mounted.

    Idea from this page:

    I would have asked for permission, but the OP had no username or address so \:

    Durin's Folk: Skill of the Dwarves: Can be used on any Durin's Folk Mattock or Pickaxe: Increases attack Block breaking speed and gives extra looting from ores. This idea was suggested by Sleifer. Kudos to them!

    Azaghâl's Memory: Increases fire resistance by 5+.

    Dale: Dragonslayer: Increases damage against Dragons, Drakes, and Wyrms.

    Rangers of the North: Ranger Stealth: Allows you to go invisible so long as hostile mobs are 5 blocks away.

    Hobbits: Pebbles fired from slings at leaves have a 30% chance of knocking down that trees fruit, a 10% chance of knocking down a sapling, and a 60% chance of knocking down a stick.


    Let me know if you have any ideas for other factions! Reviews, criticism, and ideas welcome!

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    • I like the idea but I think it needs to be more general then just "Dale". Perhaps orc/elf/human modifiers that add to the race such as eg. jump height boost modifier for any elven boots. I simply suggest this so that finding a scroll thats faction specific doesnt make it useless for another faction entirely.  Dragons will probably have a dragon bane. I do think it is a good idea in general though , as maxed orc armor shouldnt be the same as maxed elven armor in terms of modifiers.

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    • Dol Guldur: This sounds OP to me.

      Rohan: Good.

      Durin's Folk: Both of these are already pretty well-represented by modifiers. I'd go for something more unique than just a better version of those.

      Azaghâl: Slightly better, but still basically just a better Belegostean.

      Dale: Unique, but doesn't really make sense. Dale didn't have anything that set it above other factions in terms of fighting dragons. Also, Dragon, Drake, and Wyrm are all synonyms.

      Rangers: This doesn't sound too good to me.

      Hobbits: I like the idea, but I can't see anyone using it. I'd say it should just be a feature for slings, instead of being a faction-specific thing.

      How do these modifiers work? Is it like other modifiers, where you have to put it on a weapon, or would you get the ability if you pledge to a faction, so you can use it with anything?

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    • I think it should be a reward of some sort, for pledging.

      Like, once you pledge, the Scroll will suddenly appear in your inventory.

      I'll work on some of the others, but I like the Dol Guldur one. Its not much different from thorns. Maybe like 1 second of poison? And it doesn't affect Archers, NPCs with Polearms, or (as I just added) trolls, ents, or huorns.

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    • I am thinking for dwarves, looting and speed? Gives us a reason to keep repairing tools. Metals are so bountiful I usually just mibe until they break, and have a large bag full if spares.

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    • Looting for ores or mobs? Looting for ores isn't a bad idea....I'll add that in, thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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