• I know some of the planned factions are far away but I believe the banners for them should still be added to the mod . Why you may ask ? There are plenty of servers where players still roleplay these factions even on the official mod server. Perhaps factions that have not been created yet can wait but I think these should be some of included:


    Lossoth (made by me) [Craftable on normal crafting table with snowball]

    Khand banner

    Khand (made by me) [craftable on haradrim ]

    Red Dwarf banner v3

    Red Mountains Dwarves (Lotr mod server Player Wiki)[Craftable on Durins folk]

    DotR Avari Banner - Hisildi

    Avari Elves-Hisildi  (Dawn of the Rings server wiki) [Craftable on wood-elven ]

    These are just a few to name . This also will make players excited for factions to come

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    • Players are already exited about new factions. I am at least.

      I am for and against that idea. I personally like it, but I'm not sure its a good idea for the mod as a whole. I'm sure many people will be confused as to why these banners were added when the factions haven't been added.

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