• I was just wondering why Александр III was blocked. It states that he was distributing sub-mods.

    Can I ask if he was given any warning and then continued to distribute sub-mods after being warned, because after actively looking for any rules against it I couldn't find any. The only rules that seem to be easily accessible on the wiki are the FAQ.

    I wouldn't be able to tell if his recent messages were to do with distributing, as they were removed, but the latest I could see was the genstructures page he made a couple months ago. I can see how this can be  an offense but discussing it on the forums would seem ok to me. He probably didn't realise that wasn't allowed either.

    Honestly I don't think the rules for the wiki are anywhere near as accessible as they should be. I can't even find them if they are written down at all. Same goes for the FAQ and suggestions. It should probably be relabelled to FAQ/Suggestion Rules so people don't go right past it to suggest something on there without realising they've dove anything wrong. 

    I don't necassarily know Александр III that well, and there are some ethical issues with his genstructures mod using stolen builds, but it does seem pretty out of the blue to completely block him.

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    • Another example would be, who got blocked after asking for textures for a submod that he got permission from Mevans to make. (allegedly) 

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    • Yes, there aren't any mentions of it on the rule pages that I know of. There was an announement thread which he should've seen as he was on the wiki at that time.

      His recent contributions were not removed from public view and it was not related to genstructures.

      Any blocked user is always free to make an appeal if they wish.

      Regarding the anon user, there was only ever one group granted permission to my knowledge which was the Eras of Arda team. If that anon user was part of the Eras of Arda team, they should've used an account as we have no way to verify their claims with just an IP address. Again, they are free to make an appeal if they wish.

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