• In this discussion, I wanted to suggest ideas that will have a significant gameplay impact, while remaining reasonably painless for the mod team to create. I believe these to be original, but sorry if one has already been mentioned. By the way, the wiki admins and mod creators have done a fantastic job with the mod, so I just want to say thanks!

    1. The first suggestion is the addition of an atlatl/spear thrower. While not cannon to the books, these could still be added in a faction mostly based around mod-specific lore, such as Morwaith, or even the Avari or Lossoth if added. The darts would obviously be more expensive than arrows, and crafting would be similar to a spear but produce 2 darts instead of 1. Any fletching, if any, would depend on the civilization/civilizations using them. Stacks are most likely about 16 darts. Range and damage are similar to a spear, but ~1.5 damage could be unnefected by armor; this is balanced by an accuracy mechanic wich makes it unnefective at long range. This is the ideal weapon for mid-range combat, its usefullness somewhat a cross of a bow and spear. These were very widely used historically, so why could they not be in middle earth?

    2. My sencond suggestion may be a bit controversial, but I think that vanilla iron armor should be entirely removed from ME. While bronze would still be available, this would place much more significance on the unique armor already used by factions. In some cases, vanilla armor even outshines faction armor of the same cost. Not only would this make sense from the gameplay perspective, but it also is sensible that realistically one would have to learn such crafting trades from an established group such as a faction. Making armor otherwise would likely result in a much worse product. Another option short of removing it would be to simply remove all positive modifiers from the valilla armor.

    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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    • Instead of removing iron armour mabye it would just be nerfed so all the faction armour gets used

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