• Update 36  has just been released and with a whole bunch of bree stuff of which is fun to discover and play with, but something that will make the mod much more realistic is gurads catching ruffians. I think that if a player are drunk and a spy pickpockets them or a brute attacks them in the sight range of a guard, the guard should help them out (maybe sometimes with some friends that are nearby to the guard that saw the player get attacked) by arresting the ruffians. And once they are arrested they should be placed inside a new part of the sherrif or guard house that is the cellar with some cells and their weapon should be taken from them. I don't think they should be killed, but if they manage to kill the player, the guard(s) should start attacking them.

    Edit: The possible design:

    2020-06-13 12.53.11

    The cellar

    2020-06-13 12.53.38

    The right cell

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