• Ok so i started playing on one of my old servers and the faction i played for before has been abandoned by all users so i wanted to change to a more populated faction (from durins folk to angmar), So i got the rep with my old faction back to 0 and then built angmar rep up but realised that i was extreamly hostile with the gundabad, If I where playing for any other faction I would be fine with that but the gundabad and angmar factions have a alliance in the server and we fight all of our wars together, I was just killing elves in rivendale due to it being in the sphear of influence of gundabad and angmar but they spawn so fact and often that im spening more time running around between deaths than actualy gaining rep, I was wondering if there is a faster way or better faction to farm the reputation off of excluding quests due to me still being extreamly hostile to the gundabad.

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    • During the day the angle spawns a bunch of rangers of the north. It's well within gundabad's range and is still within the reduced alignment range of Angmar.

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