• Mam problem z moimi NPC, nie mogę z nimi współdziałać

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    • sorry but I had an automatic translation and it translated it into my language. The question is: "I have a problem with my NPCs, I can't interact with them"

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    • Are you using a cracked account? If so, click Expand.

      Answer to your problem...

      Some time ago I had this problem and saw people having this problem, and for everyone this solution worked...

      Playing on cracked servers or using cracked minecraft is not popular in the community, it usually makes people not have a good impression of you, so be careful.

      Let's Solve the Problem

      TLaucher is recommended because it is the simplest to configure, however, other cracked launchers can also be applied for this resolution, Technick for example.

      What Causes This Bug?

      This bug is generated when you use a premium account (Mojang account) on a cracked server.

      How to Solve?

      It's simple, use a cracked launcher with the same IGN as your premium account, perhaps the troops you already hired will remain unable to be interacted with, but the troops you hire in the future will certainly be able to be interacted with.

      To Do This Is Simple

      - Open the Titan launcher
      - Before log in, go to Options
      - Uncheck the box "Use premium account"
      Once this is done, you will be able to login using only one username (instead of username and password)
      - Login with the same IGN as your premium account
      - Start the game and log into the server
      After that your problem will probably be solved...

      Doing this will also fix 2 other bugs:

      - Visual shield bug:

      When you change your character's shield, it does not change visually for you, it will only change if you relog.

      - Alignment Bug:

      whenever you win or lose alignment, your alignment bar remains unchanged, and only changes after the clock and in some cases after completing some achievement or dying.

      I ask you to give me feedback after doing this, whether it works or not, I have other solutions, but this one usually works.

      MilkBucket MilkMC Ask me a question, Fandom User.MilkBucket

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