• When I am using the give command, I just type in my name and the item name and just add my modifiers and data values. But I want to large changes, like summoning traders like no other, or troops that deal 100 damage a hit. but I have a problem, I can't figure out how to use data values in the slots.

    For example:

    /lotr_summon lotr.BreeInnkeeper ~ ~1 ~ {LOTRBuyTrades:{Trades:[{id:397,Cost:100,Count:1}]},LOTRSellTrades:{Trades:[{id:1,Cost:100,Count:1}]}}

    This trader sells skulls and buys stone, each for 100 silver coins. Now, if you look up the data value for the skeleton skull, the result is zero, which is the default. But I want to make a bounty hunting game where you can sell the heads of enemy players to claim the bounty, the data value of the Human Head is 3.

    Problem two is with troops:

    /summon lotr.Rohirrim ~ ~1 ~ {HiredNPCInfo:{AlignmentRequired:0,CanMove:1,IsActive:1,HiringPlayerUUID:"blank"},Equipment:[{},{id:4313},{id:4312},{id:4311},{id:4310}],NPCItemsInv:[{Slot:0,id:4150},{Slot:1,id:4150},{Slot:2,id:4195},{Slot:4,id:4143}],NPCName:Sauron}

    This command summons a weird looking rohirrim whos name is Sauron. his weapon is a normal Mace of Sauron which deals 8 damage a hit. I don't know how to increase that value (even while knowing how to give myself a weapon with modifiers).

    How can change the data values in my NPC slots so I could use them for more ambitious ways of playing?

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    • I answered the first question on your comment.

      You can modify the attack damage of a mob with attributes:


      MilkBucket MilkMC Send me a message, Fandom User.MilkBucket

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    • Didn't work.

      /summon lotr.Rohirrim ~ ~1 ~ {HiredNPCInfo:{AlignmentRequired:0,CanMove:1,IsActive:1,HiringPlayerUUID:3f27270e-8717-4fa7-ad9a-5448afd11f18},Equipment:[{},{id:4313},{id:4312},{id:4311},{id:4310}],NPCItemsInv:[{Slot:0,id:4150},{Slot:1,id:4150,tag:{AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.attackDamage",Amount:100,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:195493600,UUIDMost:99,Name:"generic.attackDamage"}]}},{Slot:2,id:4195},{Slot:4,id:4143}],NPCName:Sauron}

      Does the weapon need to be in the Equipment hand?

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    • No, you're not modifying the attributes of the weapon, you're modifying the attributes of the entity. So something like this:

      /summon lotr.Rohirrim ~ ~1 ~ {HiredNPCInfo:{AlignmentRequired:0,CanMove:1,IsActive:1,HiringPlayerUUID:3f27270e-8717-4fa7-ad9a-5448afd11f18},Equipment:[{},{id:4313},{id:4312},{id:4311},{id:4310}],NPCItemsInv:[{Slot:0,id:4150},{Slot:1,id:4150},{Slot:2,id:4195},{Slot:4,id:4143}],NPCName:Sauron,Attributes:[{Name:generic.attackDamage,Base:100}]}

      I'm not sure if it really matters, but I would put the weapon in the equipment slot as well.

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    • That didn't work either D:

      The command you gave me caused the unit to still deal 8 damage. but after that I changed the attribute to lotr.npcattackDamage instead of generic.attackDamage, and that did increase the unit's damage, but only with his fists.

      /summon lotr.Rohirrim ~ ~1 ~ {HiredNPCInfo:{AlignmentRequired:0,CanMove:1,IsActive:1,HiringPlayerUUID:3f27270e-8717-4fa7-ad9a-5448afd11f18},Equipment:[{id:4150},{id:4313},{id:4312},{id:4311},{id:4310}],NPCItemsInv:[{Slot:0,id:4150},{Slot:1,id:0},{Slot:2,id:4195},{Slot:4,id:4143}],NPCName:Sauron,Attributes:[{Name:lotr.npcattackDamage,Base:100}]}

      Also, the equipment weapon gets removed immediately, I faced that problem head on a few weeks ago when I was trying to summon my first hired troops.

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    • Is there any way to set NPC damage while wielding the weapon, or modifying the weapon in the slot?

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    • Not that I know of, sorry.

      MilkBucket MilkMC Have a chat with me, Fandom User.MilkBucket

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    • You should be able to use the attribute lotr.npcAttackDamageExtra, since that gets added to the weapon damage.

      House of Bëor Shield Adaneth Mirimë - UserAdaneth Mirimë - Talk House of Bëor Shield
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    • That worked!! Thank you for solving these hard, hard questions guys ;)

      I hope other players can use this information so that they don't have to suffer for as long. :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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