• Will there be any updates before the renewed version? I heard that it was predicted to not come out until the time of 1.18. Idk if this is true, but if so, having Bree be the newest thing for that long will be boring. I’m just wondering if beta 36 is the last thing for sure until renewed.

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    • Update 36 is the last "Major Update" for a while. Once the renewed version has all (or nearly all) the same features as the legacy version, then they'll start numbering them again (37, 38, and so on). Although I got the impression from the Q&A session that Mevans was planning on forgoing the traditional update system and instead periodically updating the mod with whatever progress he's made.

      Not the most ideal prospect imo, but it's still a bit of new content. Although he could've just been referring to the renewed snapshots, I'm not sure.

      As for when renewed will be finished... who knows? I will say that as someone who has observed the mod for a while now, the speed is pretty good. It still isn't like what it used to be a few years ago, but it's much faster than the yearly updates we've experienced recently. I'd guess vanilla 1.17 will probably be out by the time it's finished, but once again... who knows.

      And for concerns about new content, while we probably won't see any new factions (Bree was the first new faction in 3.5 years, you're gonna have to wait a while), we have seen new content. Not much mind you, but still some. The new boats and blocks for instance (and we can't forget candles)!

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