• I want to hear what you guys think

    I personally feel like the classic mode is better because you never know what to expect and you don't have to go for the tedious long march to reach certain biome

    So I really wish the 1.15/6 renewed can focus on the classic mode (aka not focusing too much on the world map until we get all the functionalities to work), but what do you guys think? Do you like the classic mode as well or do you want to see the world map asap?

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    • I like the world map, but the classic version is cool to. I just like how all the biomes are in the right places and you can go on big journeys and campaigns¬†around actual middle earth.

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    • i personally quite like the world map since it forces you to explore¬†meaning that you happen across all sorts of cool structures and terrain whereas in vanilla you kinda just stay in one area and never really go more than a thousand or so blocks away from your base unless you're looking for a stronghold or a specific biome

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